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There are other questions such as the nature of gradations of dynamic range, noise, color and shade. Are these also maintained with the same quality as the pixels get smaller? With the Sony NEX 5N and the Sony NEX 7, going from 16 MP to 24 MP results in a stunning picture, perhaps indistinguishable from that made with a Canon 5D Mark II. The level of noise is, unfortunately, increased one stop, compared to it's sibling the NEX 5N, so that above ISO 800 some corrections are welcome and above 1600 are certainly needed, whereas with the NEX 5N, the noise is one stop less obvious. Still, if we take the stellar performance of the APS-C sized sensor, Sony 24 MP NEX 7 ~ matching the full frame 5DII, then I see no reason why Nikon can't also show brilliance with these smaller pixels in a 36 MP full frame camera. Yes, there will be noise issues at higher ISO, but correctable to a considerable extent.

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