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Originally Posted by Daniel Buck View Post
hu? 460fps, I'm not quite sure what you mean. I'm pretty sure any type of conversion from 30p to 24p will give you some sort of artifacts (unless you just slow down the footage slightly, and play 30p at 24p frame rate) but then your audio won't match without stretching your audio too.
Hi Daniel,

In order to avoid artifacts, the math should be be with integers. Bring the frames to a higher number, a multiple of both, would allow fusing of adjacent frames to bring down the frame rate to 24 frames per second. I have no idea how the programmers do the conversions, but there should be no issue as tracking of edges has been a technique that programmers have gotten tons of experience with. However, why go through such hoops? Canon could simply allow for 24 frames/sec. They are trying not to cannibalize their own video camera sales.

The sound is another matter. It is fixed by time if the timing is accurate from the start. So pulling off the sound and laying it down again should be 100% accurate.

I am sure that good plugins to correct frame rates either are already available or will be soon.

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