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Asher, you pose a difficult question here. If we view photography as an artistic craft, the journey to self-improvement is - for every photographer - a deeply personal and unique one, depending on what the photographer aims to achieve. Assuming he/she even knows what to aim to achieve!

I think what you are asking for is the following: Considering the successful journeys of self-improvement of several photographers, how can we abstract that to a recipe that applies to us all?

That is not trivial - nor perhaps even possible - to answer. We could probably only list principles, such as:
  • Practice a lot
  • Be critical of your own work
  • Experiment with different points of view
  • Think hard about what it is that you are trying to achieve, and work relentlessly at it
  • Avoid photo gear discussion forums that try to instill you with doubt about your current gear

etc. I don't know how to contribute a worthy answer to this question, but I will follow the discussion here with interest.
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