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I should qualify my remark, to be sure. Most, or at any rate far too many, people who think of themselves as photographers are focused on tedious technical details.

The vast majority of pictures are taken by people who do not think of themselves as photographers. They're just snappin' away. "Photographers" are, to a large degree, a tiny insular community unto themselves, with their own set of standards, their own ideas, their own goals, which have basically nothing to do with what the populace is up to with their camera phones.

But the people with camera phones are not interested in making Photographic Art, or in Improving Their Art or any of that sort of thing, either. So, my remarks are aimed at those who DO want to improve their work, but suffer from the idea that the way to do it is with better color management, or a better camera, or whatever.

If you want to improve your work, get better ideas.
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