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Originally Posted by Jenny Gavin-Wear View Post
Wish I'd been here when these threads weren't so old ...

Raising standards. What is to set a standard? To me it immediately makes me think "subjective". On what grounds are a standard set and on what grounds does a piece of work either fall short or surpass? All subjective.

I raise the standard on my own work by analysing what went well during a shoot, whether my results matched the vision I set out to achieve. How would I do it differently to avoid the same mistakes happening again?

Also, by examining the work of other photographers I admire and comparing my work to theirs. But I think this is dangerous ground and I never want to be a clone.


Our overriding process here is to share experience and so help each other travel on our disparate journeys in photography. Each has a different set of goals to reach and so our paths might intersect, but likely as not are unique to each of us. So the measures of what is relevant to our progress is subject to the ever-changing visions of the traveler here. Still, we pick things up and are offered gifts along the way or beset by robbers. In this experience we get to learn more of what we really are trying to reach and deliver and so get to be more selective as to what we pick up, ignore or discard on the way.

So "standards" are in many ways individual, but in so far as our photography might have a practical purpose, (in commerce or the "art-world"), then these external influences will also set standards that we'd have to meet or exceed.

So knowing "where one wants to go", in fact, is the first step to setting standards by which we judge our work.

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