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Originally Posted by Tim Dolan (Longwatcher) View Post
I was asked if I could contribute a few of my photos so I am starting with a couple safe for work ones in the glamor category to see if I can figure image posting out on this site. I am using these as they are ones from the same set I just posted to my Facebook page today. Mostly I shoot nudes or product shots these days, but this was from one of my model portfolio update shoots I still do occasionally also.
The Model is Mayumi Rei


A pleasing composition. The ripples in the water make a generous halo around her head.

I like that you bring your model to the outdoors! I must admit that it's easier to photograph in the studio as one has total control of light.

But you are enterprising! This first picture reminds me of so many fine ladies being serenaded on fine gondolas in Italy! That's how she appears to me!

Asher is this just natural light!
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