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Old August 27th, 2007, 10:50 AM
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Default Courses/Workshops/Shooting Opportunities for September and October 2007

Everyone, here are the workshops that have come to my attention so far. Each course is lead by photographers who are highly skilled and great teachers too. Each of these guys are established teachers, trusted and have a recognizable style. They all work on the assumption that one has to have and express one's own unique vision. So instruction, while it includes subject-specific technics and approaches will not constrain your own expression. I know you will enjoy and by be inspired by each of these offerings.

Navajoland Workshop
September 7th through 11th, 2007

A five day field workshop to NavajoLand with Alain and Natalie Briot, opened to just 12 participants, two places left!

Alain Briot "Winter Shadows, Monument Valley" Linhof Master Technica, Rodenstock 150mm, Fuji Provia

Further Details here

Yosemite Workshop
October 17th through 20th

Join Guy Mancuso and Jack Flesher in Yosemite October 17th throught 20th. Primary focus will be shooting and digital processing techniques. PM Jack Flesher for full details.

New DOP HDR workshop: "Capture more Light"

October 27 to 28. 2007

Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller "Tone Mapped Image"

Pragmatic use of HDR Capture and Tonemapping for real world photos

Where: Future Light Digital Workshops, 2001 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 282-5320

Instructors: Uwe Steinmueller (, Brad Polt-Jones and Bettina Steinmueller (Artistic Support)

The high contrast of normal sunny daylight scenes is often hard to capture with a single shot. HDR images try to work around these limitations by combining multiple images. This workshop teaches all the ins and outs of handling a higher dynamic range and of course also the limitations of this technique. The contents is the result of extensive practical work photographing urban scenes.

Early bird price of $449 till 8/31/2007.

Frank Doorhoof's Glamor and Beauty Workshops Right by Los Angeles in Beautiful Santa Ana

Finally everything is pretty well worked out.

On 27-28 October Frank will be in LA for two workshops, one each day.

"LA" means beautiful Santa Ana" which is really close by!

Each will be a complete day and of course Frank will also answer any questions you may have starting from simple to more advanced concerning beauty, fashion and glamor photography.

Mail at for more info.

Because we need at least 40 attendees to make it all work please write ASAP if you wish to join these workshops, it could be a "one time only" deal! It's a lot of work to come over to the states and we don't know if it can be repeated!

Pricing will be approx. $275-300

As it looks now the workshops are 90% sure.

I hope you take advantage of these opportunities. Let me know what you think of this announcement and please PM me on any other key courses you know of that are worth sharing!


(Disclosure: I have no financial or other connection with any of these offerings).
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Old August 28th, 2007, 06:37 AM
Marian Howell Marian Howell is offline
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the openings in alain's navajolandland workshop have been filled.
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Old August 28th, 2007, 01:04 PM
Alain Briot Alain Briot is offline
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The next Navajoland Workshop is in Spring 2008. Details are available here:
Alain Briot
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