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Old January 13th, 2010, 10:46 AM
Mark Prins Mark Prins is offline
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Default New stitcher engine

Dr Derch the mathematician who created the Panotools has released a new stitcher engine. It is faster but still under development. I have done a few stitches and find that tiffs have issues. It may not quite be ready for prime time but I expect once it is tuned a bit I will start using it more. Lots of new features that I donít quite understand how to use and of course little documentation. He has integrated the video chipset GPU commands into the stitcher engine, at least for brand specific cards. Whey even test it then? When it is tuned it should reduce the stitch time for some of my 10 and 20 gig stitches by fifty percent.
Prof. Dr. H. Dersch from my perspective is one of the key personalities in the development of VR or immersive imaging. His release of Panotools into the public domain allowed PTGui and PTassembler to advance the VR worlds. His continued work in these fields will push the development of VR imaging one of my favorite methods of image creation.
Most people donít have a standard stitch of 36 frames as I do, MF cameras now demand even more processing power with 500 meg prints my current standard (oh how I love my Epson 9880) so the ability to handle huge data sets in limited ram for me is very cool.
Have a look at his site, his motion Panoramas have me thinking about all kinds of ideas. Everyone has people they look up to, Dr Derch does that for me. Take care and my poor Nikon gear is feeling so lonely since all I want to shoot with is the Contax.
Mark Prins
Inanda Images
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