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Old January 1st, 2019, 08:57 AM
Robert Watcher Robert Watcher is offline
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Default Rubber pieces fall off my cameras? My solution

Early this year the rubber grip on my E-M1 finally came right off while working. I threw the piece in my camera bag and started looking on forums and YouTube for solutions. Then I started worrying that I may end up using the wrong glue - that it might melt any plastic on the body - that the glue may get into wrong places like the little speaker holes, screw holes - etc etc etc. I heavily favored using contact cement as I was familiar with that process. I talked to couple of friends who loved fixing computers and appliances, and they had a million ideas for special glues they could order in to fix it. Needless to say, I was worried and overwealmed. So for much of this year, I just left the rubber piece off so I wouldn’t lose it. The camera worked perfectly fine this way.

Well a couple of months ago, the little rubber thumb grip on the back of my E-M10 fell off while working. I managed to find it on the ground fortunately. I stuck it in my camera bag so I wouldn’t lose it, and have continued using the camera without it. It hasn’t been a big deal. These are both older cameras with heavy use in crazy hot and extreme environments.

A month ago while my wife and I were in a Dollar Store here in El Salvador, I came across a supply of Super Glue. The only time I have ever used Super Glue in my life, was with flesh - to hold together a deep split on the end of my finger that would not allow me to play my guitar leads at a gig. I don’t know why I was so afraid of using it. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it on the grips of my cameras.

It was crazy simple DAH. It took a matter of minutes to run a thin bead of glue on what looked like the important areas of the rubber that would be contacting the body, reattach each grip and push down for a short period of time. The attachment was successful. It has only been a few weeks since this fix - but I am using these cameras harshly every day, and the rubber pieces are firmly fixed to the camera bodies. If the glue releases in the future, I’ll just reattach in the same manner - or I may carefully try the contact glue method as an alternative.

I’m not a doctor, so use at your own risk. LOL

I have found out that many camera repair shops prefer this product - Ruscoe Pliobond Adhesive available on Amazon.

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Old January 1st, 2019, 03:01 PM
Doug Kerr Doug Kerr is offline
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Hi, Robert,

Originally Posted by Robert Watcher View Post
I have found out that many camera repair shops prefer this product - Ruscoe Pliobond Adhesive available on Amazon.
Goodyear Pliobond adhesive (packaged and sold in modest quantities by Ruscoe) is my favorite for work like this.

An often-recommended procedure is:

• Spread a light coat on both mating surfaces. Allow it to dry (not necessarily for a long time).

• Spread a light coat on one or both surfaces. Press parts together and hold until partially set. Allow to set for several hours.

An alternative process (using the adhesive as essentially a "contact cement") is:

• Spread a light coat on both mating surfaces. Allow it to dry just a little.

• Press parts together and hold until partially set. Allow to set for several hours.

A caution is that the adhesive can easily form "strings" from the applicator and these can get on surfaces where you don't want any such!

Interestingly enough, the Ruscoe Company was originally founded primarily to package and distribute Goodyear's Pliobond adhesive into consumer and commercial markets. (It was originally developed for "industrial" use, especially in aircraft construction.)

Best regards,

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Old January 1st, 2019, 04:32 PM
Antonio Correia Antonio Correia is offline
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Thank you guys !
Good information to retain...
All the best to you !
António Correia
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