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Old September 14th, 2006, 02:43 PM
Mike Spinak Mike Spinak is offline
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Default Challenge: Crepuscular Rays: Optimize This!

Hi, Folks,

I took a picture, in July, of crepuscular rays breaking through a clearing storm over the high Sierras, from the Alabama Hills. I'm fond of it... but I can't seem to figure out how to produce quite the final finishing touches I'm looking for. Here it is:

© Mike Spinak

I'm thinking that I would like to show the foreground as a little warmer, brighter, and more luminous, and the background (everything above the near rocks) as a little contrastier, and perhaps a little cooler, maybe with the rays a little more glowing, without blowing out any detail. I would like for the final results not to stray too far from the bounds of reality, but there is certainly some room for individual interpretations of the scene (including different from what I detailed, above).

I'd like to see how you would optimize this. Hand-painted masks, etc., are fine, but please give, clear, reproducible, step by step instructions that can be easily followed, for your post-processing techniques. Please be sure to add "© Mike Spinak" into any version of this picture that you post.

For a prize, you will have my hearty thank you, and congratulations. : )

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