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Old May 4th, 2007, 11:55 PM
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Default Canon Digital Photo Professional Updater 3.0.1 2007_05

Well, we need free stuff as long as it doesn't make our teeth rot or send us or our cameraas to sick bay. Canon, besides bringing out scores of sharp flashy-looking digicams, like arrows shot and arses showm in Braveheart, does have a responsibility to make its expensive DSLR cameras work optimally. It appears they are doing just that. Discuss this in the RAW Processing Forum, here.

So download the latest Mac or PC patch here

Outline of the software (Mac) See Windows notes in the next post

Digital Photo Professional 3.0.1 is software exclusively for editing and converting RAW images shot by EOS Digital cameras. Users of EOS Digital cameras can install Digital Photo Professional 3.0.1 by downloading Digital Photo Professional 3.0.1 Updater for Mac OS X.


1. This software is exclusively for Mac OS X (10.3 to 10.4).
Please use Digital Photo Professional 2.2.0 for Mac OS X if you are running Mac OS 10.2 (updater can be downloaded separately).
2. Please make sure that at least one of the following applications is installed in your computer before downloading Digital Photo Professional 3.0.1 Updater for Mac OS X.
- File Viewer Utility
- EOS Viewer Utility
- Digital Photo Professional
- RAW Image Task

Please note that if none of the above applications has been activated and Security Updates have been applied to your operating system, it may not be possible to install Digital Photo Professional 3.0.1, depending on the version of the Security Update.
3. When Digital Photo Professional 3.0.1 is installed, you cannot use EOS Capture. If you use the remote shooting function, please install EOS Utility 2.0 in your computer. (updater can be downloaded separately.)


1. Changes from Digital Photo Professional 3.0
When significantly adjusting the tone curve for RAW images taken with specific models* and executing [Convert and Save] or [Batch Save], gradation was partially lost; but this problem has been fixed.

2. Changes from Digital Photo Professional 2.2

Added functions
2-1. Support was added for EOS-1D Mark III.
2-2. Support added for single-image display for RAW+JPEG images. (*)
The edited content is applied only to RAW images. File moving, copying, or deleting applies to both the RAW image and the JPEG image. Single image display is only used with CR2-type RAW and JPEG images that were shot simultaneously. (The images used with TIFF-type RAW and JPEG images can not be displayed as a single image).
2-3. Enabled thumbnail image rearranging using drag & drop.
2-4. Enabled a frame display in trimmed images in main window or edit image window.
2-5. Added multi-image synchronizing function in edit window.
2-6. Supported multi-page printing in detailed setting printing.
2-7. Enabled a Color Management settings window call function in the detailed setting printing window.
2-8. Enabled images trimmed in DPP to print as trimmed images when they are printed using Easy-PhotoPrint, Easy-PhotoPrint Pro.
2-9. The GPS data can be displayed with other shooting information when the GPS data is added to it.

Changed Functions
2-10. Brought together as collective image adjustments in the tool palette in the main window. Added a noise reduction tab, and allowed noise reduction to be applied to individual images.
2-11. Changed the display method of trimmed images in edit window, edit image window. Images trimmed in DPP are now printed as trimmed images.
2-12. Improved the speed for displaying RAW images in edit window.
2-13. MacOS 10.2 is no longer supported.
2-14. Support added for new Picture Style files. (.pf2)
The extension for the Picture Style files has been changed from ".pse" to ".pf2" Please download the files again. The effect of the files has not been changed.

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