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Old January 31st, 2018, 02:59 PM
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Since you have the birds nest, and eggs are available any time, I think that you have the possibility of advancing ideas with lighting and building again from that and trying to keep the lighting consistent. That is always a big challenge. But you have the right instincts.

You can now start to crouch, stand on walls or a stool and twist until you are able to get the angel you are shooting from on buildings, lamposts, gravestones or whatever catches your eye to bring to your expanding creations.

As long as you can fix the camera position and take all the pictures from that relative position and the light comes from the right direction, you can collect elements as you stroll around the city or parks.

When the light and angles are wrong, come back at a different time of day!

I love this kind of work, but to bring in the outside world it just requires getting a tape measure and drawing out camera position and getting the scale correct.

Apart from collecting elements, you have nothing to learn as you are a natural!

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