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Old April 15th, 2008, 04:16 AM
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Default Prystar explodes onto the net sky: Opensource Mac OS for PC's!

At last, someone sets free Mac's Leopard able to thrive on PCs. Well, that was a short while ago and then maybe they have reconsidered their options since Mac OS as licensed by Apple is only kosher for real genuine Macs born of Mac mother in a Mac-mother-factory!

"Reinventing The Wheel: OpenMac
We are proud to introduce the new wheel: OpenMac. Mac enthusiasts have been experimenting on running the new Apple operating systems on commodity PC hardware ever since the Intel-based Apple computers were introduced in early 2006. This effort came to be known as OSx86 Project. The goals of the OSx86 Project have been realized and even the latest releases of OS X can now run on PC hardware that is commonly available but compatibility can sometimes be an issue. Psystar has assembled a system that is completely operational with Leopard called the OpenMac. We call it the OpenMac to reflect the opening of what has previously been a hardware monopoly."

Here's the April 6th 2008 cached release before it went offline!

Major hardware MFRS have begged for licenses to include the Mac OS with their computers and Apple has never even considered it! So is it possible that Prystar will be able to sell their product?

What would be so bad for Apple to be selling their software through Dell and HP? I guess they do not want to commoditize the high priced software and have to support all the various MFRS variations in hardware and cannibalize their own high-margin hardware and software sales in the process.

So if the big guys couldn't find a way around Steve Jobs' legal barriers, then it's a bit of a monumental chutzpah for little Prystar to do it. Well anything is possible, after David used a pebble and a sling shot to fell Goliath!
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