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Shooting with the Rollei 6008AF and a Sinar eMotion22 and eMotion54 Digital Backs by Graham Mitchell A diary by advertising and fashion photographer Graham Mitchell. He's based in London and is a featured Sinar Photographer.

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Old July 14th, 2011, 09:04 AM
Graham Mitchell Graham Mitchell is offline
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Default Updating camera

After years with the Rollei 6008AF and Sinar back, it's time to upgrade gear. I have ordered a Rolleiflex Hy6, which uses the same lenses as the 6008AF. I have also ordered the Leaf Aptus II 12 back to go with this camera. This will give me a larger sensor (54x40mm v. 48x36mm), better high ISO performance (lower noise and ISO 800 max, compared to 400), more resolution (80 vs. 22MP) and the promise of no more moiré (which hasn't been a big issue for me but is starting to be one as I shoot more fashion), an internally rotating sensor so I never need to remove the back from the camera again, no more flash sync cable to connect between camera and back, EXIF data (I currently have no camera info in my EXIF), larger LCD screen, ability to run both camera and back from the one battery (and therefore worry about just one battery meter), and built-in light colour meter.

On the downside, I am losing my DNG workflow, and the maximum frame rate will be a bit slower.
Rollei Hy6 + Leaf Aptus II 12
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