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Old September 26th, 2006, 02:05 AM
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Thumbs up News in brief Updated Wednesday October 11th 2006


Software Updates:

Star*Explorer Update

Star*Explorer is an earthbound utility to up or download unlimited images from Microsoft Explorer (Win)/Adobe Bridge by "Drag & Drop, notify people of uploads, track albums, sales stats and more. This is the work of OPF member Nikolai Sklobovsky; so congrats!

Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.0 Update

This update contains several updates to enhance security and stability, including fixes for vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code.

Mactopia: Microsoft Office v. X for Mac 10.1.8 Update

This update contains several updates to enhance security and stability, including fixes for vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code. In addition, this update includes all of the improvements released in all previous Office v. X updates.

Applies to: Office v. X, Microsoft Word X for Mac, Microsoft Excel X for Mac, Microsoft PowerPoint X for Mac, Microsoft Entourage X for Mac

iview MediaPro 3.1.2 Update

New Release: iView MediaPro 3.1.2 for Mac and Windows

iView Multimedia has released a free update to its flagship digital asset management program iView MediaPro. The first comprehensive update since iView’s acquisition by Microsoft this summer, iView MediaPro 3.1.2 delivers significantly more robust performance, including clearer error reporting and improved memory handling for both Mac and Windows customers, as well as a number of minor feature enhancements.

New changes and enhancements include:
• Action log now reports activity for more features of MediaPro.
• Added support for cameras in PTP mode (Win).
• Batch rename now sorts as the view order and appends an incrementing number to the filename if filename clash occurs.
• Improved Scroll Lock mode in Light Table. On Macs, the Option key resets offsets while scrolling
• Dates displayed in the Info Panel now adjust to changes in the date format preference.

"You can all continue to use and buy iView products knowing that they will be fully supported as Microsoft evolves the products in the future on both the Windows and Mac platforms," says Yan Calotychos, founder of iView."

The latter gives me great comfort. I love iview, (just wish it would not choke on large numbers of images)!

New Book:

Alain Briot has announced the opportunity to register for ealry notification of his new book on Landscape Photography. This is an extention of his essays with a lot of new materials and many illustrations referencing the landscapes he discusses.

Alain will offer a limited number of signed copies of hte book with companion prints from photographs featured in the book. To join the pre-announcement list, email with "Mastering Landscape Photography" in the subject line.

09/29/06 My picks fom

Sigma: Sigma DP1 A 7.1 MP wonderful smooth Black brick fixed lens 28mm equivalent (Ricoh killer, perhaps) but with the latests Foveon sensor! This look like a great way to have a foveon choice and cool way to get great files for B&W I expect. These are my feelings on seeing the descriptions only!

A mature Lensbaby 3G with precise lens locks to maintain the angled pnae with the sweet spot where you want it.

Nikon D80 review, two days old but a must see for Nikonians

LetsGoDigital highlights the 18-200 mm image stabilised lens

Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS lens

"Two SLD Special Low Dispersion glass elements and two aspherical lenses provide excellent correction for all types of aberrations. The super multi-layer lens coating reduces flare and ghosting. This lens provides superior image quality throughout the entire zoom range. An inner focusing system eliminates front lens rotation, making the lens particularly suitable for using circular polarizing filters and the petal-type lens hood supplied."

Hasselblad H3D DSLR - Full frame

"The Hasselblad H3D's full frame concept offers unique control of image compo- sition and the large format light channel provided by the H3D enables the use of the largest image sensors currently available - 48x36 mm - more than twice the size of even the largest 35 mm camera sensors. These sensors hold more and large pixels, ensuring ultra sharp images without gradation break-ups in even the finest lit surfaces. The Hasselblad H3D is available in two versions, one containing a 22 Megapixel sensor and the other a 39 Megapixel sensor. "

" • Ultra-focus: Integral optimization of digital lens performance
• Digital APO Correction for improved RAW image sharpness and detail
• 39 Megapixel full-frame digital 28mm wide angle shooting
• Hasselblad Natural Color Solution
• Choice of eye-level or waist-level viewfinders "

Apple has announced its important upgrade to aperture: Aperture 1.5.

It has many advantages including a totally logical library reference for imaging and an image management system like iviewmedia Pro, in that one can add metadata, show the images, without having the large files. However, unlike iview, Aperture can, if you wish file everything for you in its own library. Everything is seemlessly integrated with ilife and iwork, so you can make a web with web or access files from iphoto or a corporate presentation, all with out going to a new paradigm.


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Old October 11th, 2006, 07:06 PM
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Old October 12th, 2006, 04:51 AM
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Default Add to the news: Review of LightZone by Dierk Haasis?

An excellent review by Dierk Haasis of LightZone has just been published at

It combines an in-depth review with what is for me a clearly done tutorial on using LightZone 2.0. Many screen captures with over-layers of helpful comments are included.

I recommend Dierk's review wholeheartedly. It is well worth the reading, and very enjoyable reading, also.

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