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The Amazing Stories Behind Pictures: Places, Events, Poetry, Works of Art Some pictures have far more to see than what is immediately obvious. It's also a window and a library of whatever went before. Tell us this and so we'll be taken beyond the picture deep into the nature and feelings that will buttress the pictures and pull us to come back.

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Old July 31st, 2016, 07:47 PM
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Default The story in the photo

All of a sudden we have a crisis here in Australia.
This is one of the photos that is at the centre of the detonation.
The ripples spread far and wide and carry with them blame, indignity and outrage.
The photo is the thing here.
We have known that such things take place in out juvenile detention centres for some time, years even.
Thos who work there close a blind eye. Those who are responsible remain untouched. Those who set the culture continue to do so.

The boy behind the mask is the opening paragraph to a story that will, at the moment, not go away. Politicians duck and weave, indigenous australians are in 'I told you so' mode, the general public bicker among themselves, casting their opinions in social media as they might dispense platitudes and attitudes to their pet dog.

Will anything change?
I hope so.
The photo is the instigator of change, a trigger to remind us that we don't always get it right, we don't always have the best interest of others as a priority, that culture can be dangerous.

The photo reminds us of other places, other times, when we were less informed and possibly less empathetic.

Dealing with juveniles in detention requires specialist services led by understanding and skillful people.
Our current juvenile detention institutions are run by politicians and poorly trained staff.

Detention is seen as revenge more than rehabilitation. Force meets force. Force installs in the perpetrator that this is the only way. Force instils in the recipient that this is the way to deal with problems.

The expectation is that this juvenile will always be a repeat offender and his life is laid out for him: Jail.

The contents of this photo have shocked a nation. Lets hope they don't even need to see another one.
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