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Leaf AFi 7 review and opinions - By Frank Doorhof Peter from Leaf Benelux visited me and brought along a Leaf AFi 7 camera with two lenses a 90mm MF and the 180mm AF. In my review I will be using those two lenses…

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Old August 15th, 2008, 01:33 PM
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Ok going into the final days of the review, a few quick conclusions.

ISO 400/800 is nice to have in the MF system and it's usable when lit right, I WILL update some 800ISO shots before the end of the weekend, but it's been really not good weather to shoot outside this week when I'm able to go outside, but it's getting better now.

The quality of the files is absolutly breathtaking, very 3D like and amazing detail.
Shooting handheld is very doable and I would probarbly handheld the camera during the sessions all the time, while the RZ67ProII is mounted on a studio stand.
AF in the studio is fast and accurate, app the same as the 645AFD/III which is a good thing.

Are there things I don't like ?
I find the information in the viewfinder too complex.
When I see the crops on the RZ67ProII I can CLEARLY see what my crops are, being landscape or portrait, it's a clear line without any other lines or areas marked out.
With the AFi the focusscreen is divided on several areas arround the edges making it very hard to see what to use exactly for cropping in low key settings.
Outside or with flatter lightsetups it's easy to see but I shoot alot of low key scenes and I find myself struggling with the viewfinder in some occassions, the fact I use a WLF does not help, I'm constantly thinking about doing things reverse and keeping eye on the croplines.
I think a clearer viewfinder would improve working with the AFi for ME PERSONALLY a great deal.
And I would love to test it with a prism finder, I think you will have a killer camera for fashion.
For the slower work I love the WLF.

To be honest that's about as far as negative goes (and it can be fixed with another focus screen so it's not a real problem).

The rest of my experience has been great and very positive.
It's an expensive camera, but if you're in the market for something like this, buy it .... you won't regret it.
I would love to take one with me on holiday :D

Some shots from today.



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