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Old August 23rd, 2006, 06:24 PM
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Default TWO-WAY IMAGE CENTRAL! Show, critique, Process , Retouch& Repair

UPDATING TODAY Thursday, February 8th 2007 In the meanwhile also search under one of the following: Challenge, Central Park, M8 or Bicycle,

1. Current Picture Challenges BY TOPIC: Show your picture on this topic[/B] We announce new topics for showing in that topic. Showup to 3 images with titles. You host and link link to your ©image. Then everyone is free to briefly comment but not download/edit, then we vote. 3 entries per photographer. Image can have been taken on any date, all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century as long as you shot it!

a. Action of an animal of the wild............................... 7 entries received so far August 28th

b. Portrait of an animal of the Wild............................. 24 entries received so far August 28th

c. Sports, Showing Super-Competitiveness................. 9 entries received so far August 28th

Your model must be at least 18 years old. It's your responsibility to check this. Proof of age required and consent.

d. Artistic Human, Unclothed, Natural Form Nature's Light............ Submissions open

Submit RAW files and final image with release by to w84u at

e. Natural or Urban Landscape.............................

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

2. Critique Request: Just post your image in Photography as Art for feedback and critique: your image, title, purpose, concepts & issues, if any needed, to get a critique. Edited images can be reposted in that thread only. If you don't wan't changes attempted, just suggestions, say, "No downloads please".

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

3. RAW or JPG Processing Optimization Challenge: Your image WITH A TITLE to express your idea or with NO TITLE in order to get individual OPF member's fresh interpretations. This category is totally open. Just send the titled or untitled RAW or high quality file by to w84u at or link your file to your challenge post!

A Field Portrait Don Lashier Retouch Forum October 5th 2006

An Angel-inWaiting NEW NOVEMBER 30th 2006

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

4. Achieving a meaning/mood by modifying your submitted unedited image image using any process and then reposting it in that thread. We need unedited photographs and your title Post at 1000 pixels or less max sides in Retouching & Repairing


Girls Choosing a Leaf for Magic 11 Entries received so far August 28th

Shadow and a Passer By

Repairing Fishing Nets

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

5. Retouching Challenge: Your image, title & specific retouching request and the individual OPF member's particular technic to achieve your the goal your goal as the original photographer. Post at 1000 pixels or less max sides in Retouching & Repairing You might include a smaller whole image, say 400 pixels wide and then a high resolution portion that needs retouching, if this works for the issue at hand.

Example: Dawn Rabbit

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

6. Derived Art. Show your photograph and the derived work: for comment only Post the original at 400 pixels max side and the derived art at 1000 pixels max size. There's nothing wrong with a 40-600 pixel per side image if it shows your work well!


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