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Old March 13th, 2007, 12:31 AM
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Default Monday March 12th Alain Briot's book: Mastering Landscape Photography

As you may know Alain Briot has dedicated his professional life to photography and in particular to making beautiful images of the American South West.

His articles have appeared in Luminous Landscape and now arrives his new book, Mastering Landscape Photography, published by Rockynook and distributed by O'Reilly Media. The book is printed by Friesens corporation, Altona Canada using acid free paper with 251 pages and some 150-200 wonderful color pictures illustrating each new concept Alain presents in tackling the goal of seeing stronger, to make compositions that work and to go through an ordered process
Originally Posted by Alain Briot
which Elliot Porter described as "making order out of chaos"
This seemingly simple statement, "making order out of chaos is esentially Briot's method for introducing the would be landscape photographer to the practical mechanics of how to approach this goal. I find the book easy reading, surprisingly unpretentious, and easy to follow. The simple clarity provides sufficiently for any starting landscape photographer and perhaps more than a few experienced photographers the path to geting an image that is unique, has dimension and has some inherent power.

Alain Briot has a very conversational approach that is not intimidating and seems truly practical. This has no pretence of being an academic tome. In fact so far, I have found no pretence just friendly disclosure of simple steps, very straightforward steps to make something so complicated and intimidating as Landscape Photography, approachable. The plus is that it is not trying to be academic, subjects may be explained sufficently without giving one a headache! This is not designed however to give one mastery of knowledge of Landscapes or even a brief history of it. This is a well made practical book which one can get through on a weekend prior to visitng one of the great parks or wilderness with a view to getting much better pictures.

This is how I feel today! I intend to return to add more to my brief review.

This is a user friendly book at a price of $39.95 and for $25 at .

Disclosure: I received this book a a courtesy. However, my reporting on it means I found it to be of value to to those facing the challenge of making Landscape Photographs that will have more meaning and beauty.

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