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Old November 29th, 2013, 05:07 PM
Doug Kerr Doug Kerr is offline
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Hi, Theodoros,

Originally Posted by Theodoros Fotometria View Post
But Doug… you don't have that:
"the Nyquist limit is based on the sample pitch, which is the same as the sensel pitch - just the same as before." ….which you stated above, you also have FOUR different pixels that coincide in each and every one for the 88million positions! In total you have 88million positions of 9x9μM size that coincide with another three 88 million pixel areas! The 88mp you get, is with properties of four times the sensor's area! Exactly like if the original sensor was of 74x98cm of area with 9x9μM of pixel size with ALL its properties "squeezed" into a 37x49cm area…
If that vision works for you, then please enjoy it.

And if the results it suggests are consistent with your observations, then so much the better.

Best regards,

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Old December 1st, 2013, 01:39 AM
Theodoros Fotometria Theodoros Fotometria is offline
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Here is Sinar's dedicated camera for copy work…

and here one can see the specification of their three backs:

I guess that the aim is that with the merge of the two firms, Leica will be able to serve all kinds of studio work and more since Leica S can be used for single shot and untethered whenever needed, while still-life and other work that needs movements can be operated with Sinar's view cameras and even more, there is a full series of multishot backs to support the view cameras for tethered work.

However, since one that would buy a sinarback would probably look for a camera with interchangeable MFDBs to fit it on for single shot or hand held work, I would expect for Leica (or Sinar) to introduce a new camera able to take interchangeable backs.
Also, since current Sinarbacks are only tethered, I would expect (especially if a new MF camera will be introduced) Sinar's MFDB line to be (re)expanded to include self contained backs like the excellent 75LV they used to do.

Another possibility, is that Leica may decide not to invest into developing a new camera with interchangeable backs, but may decide to invest on an already existing MF camera which would have a wide base of clients already and thus create higher demand for their products on this widely spread existing base…. If they where to do this, the re-introduction of Contax 645 should be considered very possible indeed!!! ….Especially now that Leica has recently introduced an adapter for the Contax 645 lenses to work with full automatic compatibility of all their functions on the Leica S cameras, the Contax 645 can be integrated in-between Leica S and Sinar view cameras like a dream….

Another thing to consider, is that Sinar's E-motion discontinued backs fit the Contax 645 physically like …a dream!
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