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Old October 27th, 2012, 08:39 AM
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Default Capture One Pro version 7 released by Phase One

Well it was released 2 days ago, so not really breaking news anymore. But after some initial testing, I thought it worth to be noted anyway.

I'm always a bit sceptical when commercial companies use lots of superlatives when they announce a new product. In this case: "an image quality revolution", "a new groundbreaking image processing engine", "incredible detail", are a few of the words that they came up with.

I must admit that the image quality has indeed improved, and I'm happy with what I see. Things like how the highlights roll-off towards clipping, and how much the shadows can be enhanced with the Dynamic range settings show improved performance. Noise reduction quality has also improved, although it's hard to beat a dedicated noise reduction program like TopazLabs Denoise, NeatImage, or Noiseware (or even Lightroom/ACR). But some of the improvements are quite subtle (although they are there when you look closely), and others are clear improvements over the previous version, but their competitors also didn't rest on their laurels.

A couple of the nice new features includes the possibility to have others watch along during a shoot on their own webbrowser or smartphone, which is great in a studio environment or on a set where many people, such as e.g. an art director, had to huddle around one screen to view the progress and comment on it and rate the pictures as they come in. That functionality was partly available in their separate Capture Pilot application. Also, now the Media Pro image catalog is integrated into the application. It is now also possible to set the amount of shift that was used with e.g. a Tilt and Shift lens, which mainly helps to improve the vignetting and sharpness fall-off corrections. The lens correction parameters for a number of popular lenses are already included in the program. LCC corrections can now be applied in batches.

All-in-all a worthwhile upgrade, but not as earth shattering as I had hoped (because conversion quality is already quite good).

One piece of advice though, I (as did others) have experienced a number of crashes with this version 7.0, so I would caution against using it for production work when time is limited, because you may need to start all over after a crash. Also, for now it is safer to work on a variant copy of any earlier settings you may have created with prior versions, because upgrading the processing to engine 7 is non-reversible. Older versions of Capture One cannot use the new settings, and one cannot switch between engine versions (only up, not down).

Here you can find more info: .

If you do what you did, you'll get what you got.

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