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Shooting with a HY6 and a Sinarback eMotion 75 LV. A diary of Nicolas Claris experience. The Swiss brand Sinar has asked Nicolas Claris to shoot with a Sinar HY6 and a Sinarback eMotion 75 LV…

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Old June 3rd, 2008, 12:29 PM
Nicolas Claris Nicolas Claris is offline
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Default Time to load these threads…

Hi folks
Here we're talking of huge files delivered by the Sinar Hy6 and the SinarBack eVolution 75.

As an introduction, some figures need to be understood…
File size is 6652 x 4976 pixels…
Raw files, out of the box are 64 Mb…
Once derawtized and opened in CS each 16 bit tif file is about 190 Mb and JPEG saved at level 12 of CS is between 15 and 20 Mb!

Indeed the size of the files are not the only interest of shooting MF, but these informations may help to understand why this diary's pages seems to be long to load…

In order to show the best (or the worst!) of these files, one have to post quite large crops of 100% initial pixel size and a large enough full picture as well…

So you will find here 1100 pixels wide picture and crops.

Of course, reducing an image from 6652 to 1100 pixels does not enhance image quality, on the contrary!

I hope that the profit which one will get from the reading of this diary will be worth the inconvenience of the time needed to load the pages …

Thanks for stopping by and to take time to watch and read!
Please do no repost my images elsewhere than OPF without my permission.

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