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Leaf AFi 7 review and opinions - By Frank Doorhof Peter from Leaf Benelux visited me and brought along a Leaf AFi 7 camera with two lenses a 90mm MF and the 180mm AF. In my review I will be using those two lenses…

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Old August 16th, 2008, 11:21 AM
Frank Doorhof Frank Doorhof is offline
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Default ISO test

As promised the ISO test.
I decided to do it this way because landscapes on ISO800 did not show enough noise to really show the difference.
So I parked my car in the shade and shot a serie of 100,400,800 handheld.
The crops here are in that order:

One thing I have to add.
The bumper on the Volvo shows structure, so in the ISO100 shot that is NOT noise.
Look at the logo and grill.

100, 400, 800

Crop 100

Crop 400

Crop 800

Although the 800 shows some noise (well actually alot of noise as expected), you have to remember that this is a 33MP back.
In other words when you show a 1:1 crop that would translate in a BIG print before it shows up.
I would without a doubt use 800 for prints up to A3 if I could not shoot on ISO400.

For the time being that concludes the review.
If there are ANY questions feel free to ask.
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