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Old December 23rd, 2009, 11:16 PM
ErikJonas ErikJonas is offline
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Default Massive tsunami

I watched on the Travel channel tonight about the massive 2004 tsunami that killed over 230,000 people....230,000 the number is just staggering...

They had interviews with survivors...But these survivors not all from their famalies had survived.It was a show that left me in tears as a woman talked about her 5 year old daughter who was holding onto her with everything she had and then she was gone pulled away by the massive force of the water....And she talked of seeing her daughters picture on a board that had pictures of the dead yet to be identified...It was truley saddening.

There was one couple who was on the beach when all the water went out and then started to come back. He said it was ankle deep yet had a extreme force to it....

There was a team of divers out in deep water and he said the water had this very odd strong pull to it.And there were no fish to be seen anywhere.

The video footage was nothing short of terrifying and it was not edited it showed the death,the audio had the many screams of people....One survivor said he'd never forget the scream as it was the screams of people dying....

One couple that some how survived they had been swept out to sea when the water pulled back.Out at sea his wife could not swim she had no ability to move from the waist down and he had a broken clavical (spelling Asher?) They were picked up in short time by a rescue boat that was picking up people who were pulled back into the ocean.His wifes pelvis was broken.He said though there was a body near him with a sheet over it,he was just happy him and his wife were alive...

I remember when this hit it was such a massive thing you just go numb hearing about it and the death toll so staggering. I remember seeing a comment on a forum back then posted by a little Sir Lanka girl it simply said "help we have lost everything"

This was 6 years ago. I had all but forgotten about it..
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Old December 24th, 2009, 08:35 AM
James Newman James Newman is offline
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Happy holidays to you too. We forget things for a reason sometimes. If we had to contantly think about all of the horrible things that happen to us in this world, have happened, or could happen, we would be completely crippled with fear and loathing all of the time. It was truly a horrible situation but this was, for once, one that man had no control over or part in. Unless of course it was global warming that caused the tsunami. I for one am only trying to watch uplifting and positive things on the tele for now. There is plenty of time to dwell on the pain and suffering of mankind after the holidays. Don't we deserve even the smallest of breaks?
James Newman
James Newman
Chicagoland c&c welcomed
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