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Old February 10th, 2012, 07:56 PM
fahim mohammed fahim mohammed is offline
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Default Up here,

like many other similar places that we have been to, the most important item we carried was

1. Our Faith. Some call it dogma ( s ). We call it our Faith, our values. The mountain is a minor hurdle.

This is where we were headed...

Was not difficult after all was it. The climb. Hard, definitely. But we had help. Our Faith.

Want to join me and Fahim. The next climb is to 7000 meters.

p.s edited to remove 2 sentences.
koffee and kamera
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Old February 11th, 2012, 03:51 AM
fahim mohammed fahim mohammed is offline
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During our journeys, we get to meet many people. from different countries and of different Faiths.

We might not share their Faith but we..Fahim and me shall always respect their Faith. There are no

ifs and buts. This respect is a matter of our values and a principle of our Faith.

We met a really wonderful man and woman climbers once. They were brother and sister.

Excellent, experienced mountaineers. Far, far better than Fahim and me. They were from Britain.

They had attempted a dangerous climb once. They had failed. It was almost fatal.

They were training to attempt that climb again.

I asked them if they were afraid. Memories of the past.

Here is Harvey..a thinker. He is always thinking, his sister told me.

Are we afraid? asked Susan of herself.

Yes and no, she told me.

Involuntarily she reached to her necklace and brought it to her lips.

There was a Cross on it. I understood. As did Susan. Faith needs no words.
koffee and kamera
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