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  1. Wedding Art
  2. photography as art abstraction
  3. Newspaper article: Image fatigue
  4. Art Theory/Art Criticism
  5. New Exhibition by OPF Member
  6. Does colour rule in Venice?
  7. Heart of Stone / Intimate Landscapes
  8. "What Makes your Photographs So Expensive?"
  9. An event to share. Critique welcome.
  10. Classification / compartmentalization - why is it important?
  11. Evening Coastline of Pembrokeshire
  12. Creative Challenge: New Art Versions from a Photograph
  13. Photography and Art
  14. Accidental Art
  15. Still Life
  16. RAWflow (tm:-) Rocks!
  17. Vernacular Architecture
  18. Rainer Travel Photography Article Now Online!
  19. Toilet Art
  20. B&W RGB Digital: a realized Adams dream or a fix-all.
  21. Heirloom Photos, Rescued, Whether B/W or Otherwise
  22. Two totally random shots
  23. Shadows of The Past
  24. The Land Of Oz
  25. An old photo
  26. What makes us photographers?
  27. Breaking The Rules: Examples Sought
  28. Travel Shots - Aigues Mortes
  29. LensBaby Challenge: your very best two images
  30. Challenge: Shadows.
  31. Cross-hatching the right way
  32. "Dishonest photography: "The Magritte Conundrum".
  33. Boy on a Bicycle, Can RAW file. Optimize this! :)
  34. Processing_the_Photograph_as_Art
  35. Processing_the_Photograph_as_Art
  36. Instrument as still life
  37. Sweat Equity and Skill in Photography as Art?
  38. Art in a Photograph? The subject or the "Art" added by shutter and "darkroom"?
  39. Photography Art that Monkeys Could Make?
  40. Let's start with definitions
  41. Wow! Is this essay on point!
  42. M8 135mm Leica Photographs: Artistic RAW Challenge On the High Seas!
  43. Challenge: Balls & Spheres: Mine, Champagne Bubbles, where's yours!
  44. Feeling a bit artsy tonight...
  45. Artistry in Photographic Magazine Subscription
  46. Best Digital Compact for B&W Tonality?
  47. Challenge: Can you make fine Art from this snapshot from my car?
  48. Challenge: Bring out Feelings in this Paris Roof Top Scene
  49. High Speed Liquid Photography
  50. Experimenting
  51. Thinking Escher...
  52. Have I gone mad?
  53. Desire
  54. Smoke
  55. Monet Lily
  56. Reflections in Water as a Metaphor: Archetypical Landscape Picture!
  57. Painterly and Abstract Images: What Might They Be?
  58. Photography as Art - Studying with a Mentor
  59. Comments requested
  60. Image From A New Member
  61. Lenticular / Stereo Photography
  62. The Truth Paradox: Art Stymied By Revelation!
  63. Challenge: Bring out Feelings in this snow scene!
  64. Real Art
  65. Influence of Painting on Photography
  66. Reflections in a shop window
  67. Magic Steam
  68. Jan Saudek
  69. Photography's influence on Painting?
  70. My Pain
  71. Humble Beginning
  72. Fear
  73. Challenge: Something wooden and made with skill!
  74. The End
  75. Should shape be sacred?
  76. Great B&W Image! How we judge with little fact!
  77. Post your FAVOURITE PHOTO from the poster directly above.. (A Beautiful Selection)
  78. Challenge: Contemplating change! The culture bridge!
  79. Challenge: Can you show "the future"?
  80. Challenge: Great Doorways as frames for pictures
  81. Imperfection and character: The Camera and lens as drawing instruments!
  82. Something..
  83. Nocturnes
  84. Sands of a feather
  85. Flamenco
  86. The Conductor
  87. Puzzle! Why does this B&W Portrait work so well! Can you have a go at this?
  88. Armageddon
  89. Armageddon, take two
  90. Nothing on fire this time ;-)
  91. Dangerous Curves
  92. The Hand that rocks the chair
  93. Stairs as a Photographic Subject: The Stairs of the Orange Show!
  94. Stream Abstract
  95. Victoria Again! How I abstracted what I saw!
  96. This Bird Has Flown
  97. My desire !
  98. Boy at an Art Opening
  99. Based on last wooden grain elevator in Superior, Wisconsin
  100. Splash
  101. Challenge Take Angelica's grabshot and make it impressive: express your own ideas!
  102. The Path Less Traveled
  103. Perhaps a dumb question, but...
  104. Libertad!
  105. Color changes
  106. James' Addiction
  107. Importance of Image Titles
  108. Photography: Conveying Thoughts Inside One's head: Challenge! Have a try!?
  109. Challenge: Guns4us: lifesavers, peacemakers or murderers? Do you have images on this?
  110. An exercise in futility
  111. Mandolin 1620
  112. 1st piece on public display
  113. The Guitar
  114. La Prima Donna
  115. How Do We Really Make Photographs? Let's tell the truth!
  116. Going from "Lurker" to Contributing Photographer with a Vision
  117. Because
  118. Juniper abstract
  119. Shattered II "Reticulated Vase"
  120. Challenge: A Dog photographed so uniquely, it might be sold in a gallery as Art!
  121. Is this photo worthy as art? (old boat)
  122. art photography
  123. The Mighty Chilli
  124. Gretel's final trip....
  125. Sources Needed
  126. A Growing loneliness (revisiting a lonely bench)
  127. The Long Iron Bridge
  128. Not sure about these....
  129. It's been Swell!
  130. Challenge: A bridge and a train: First, James Newman a "Texas Train"
  131. Grebe Dive
  132. Challenge: "A Door Tie": How might you bring out further expression in this image?
  133. Buddha and Shadow
  134. Human Form
  135. Leonardo da Vinci
  136. Challenge: Edit "Early morning St Thomas US Virgin Islands" to optimize the beauty!
  137. Sunset on a Rocky Beach: Cliché alert
  138. Over the top!?
  139. enhanced female
  140. what IS "art" in photography all about?
  141. Self Portrait of Me!
  142. Night shots From last summer
  143. Summer night shot
  144. A Non-Self Portrait of Charlotte Thompson (edit)
  145. Dorothy in the field of poppies
  146. Dorothy in the poppy field-2: Black Hole Sun
  147. An American home
  148. A change of pace
  149. Hot Bridge
  150. Forgotten Staircase
  151. Alone in the night
  152. Correcting or exploiting Lens aberrations/character. What's you insight/experience?
  153. "But is it Art?" Georg Baumann's Reply "I Can, and why I do it"
  154. New picture
  155. Could not decide
  156. Challenge: Green Plants As Art
  157. Transillumination of a limited palette
  158. Into the sea ...
  159. A postcard from Kauai
  160. A. Hofmann, IN MEMORIAM
  161. Rise
  162. Teeth of the sea
  163. Despite indifference
  164. Towards "Terms of Endearment" in Photography! Neologisms: "Factive and "Fictive"
  165. Continuation of the theme
  166. moved .............
  167. Set up vs random
  168. Ancient
  169. A palette of the Gods
  170. Birds on Wires
  171. One vision of plants
  172. History of violence
  173. about.......... another
  174. The Lunar Realm of Divinity
  175. Why do you do your fine art ?
  176. Cross-roads
  177. Digital Techniques That Call Attention To Themselves
  178. Hokusai Quote
  179. 30 Seconds
  180. Life
  181. Apprentices
  182. Samantha
  183. Horror Series
  184. Les fleurs du Mal
  185. Sleeper
  186. Another late night
  187. Inner garden
  188. A Modified Turner Reich for the 8X10
  189. A stairway to heaven
  190. Little planet winter scene, Au Jardin Botanique
  191. Yellow and blue
  192. 2 men
  193. Technique vs. Inspiration
  194. The lesson
  195. Navaho Sandstone
  196. A night in Paris
  197. 2 abstarcts to have a look at
  198. Trees in the mist
  199. Stairway to another dimension
  200. What is B&W ?
  201. Reflected in a glass
  202. water water everywhere
  203. digital fine art photography
  204. Natures patterns/ abstract?
  205. The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction
  206. Meadow Mine Rail
  207. Red metal
  208. De-comissioned Cranes
  209. Facility 10101
  210. Reaching for the light
  211. Fenced In
  212. Electricity Factory
  213. Choice
  214. Where am i ?
  215. Vanity
  216. Gusher
  217. Photographing Art
  218. Book Cover for My Memoir
  219. This is the hand
  220. Are these art, or something?
  221. Crossed fingers
  222. The holy book
  223. Under the bridge
  224. Thunder
  225. WaterProof Black & White - E3
  226. broken
  227. John Chiara's Massive Camera
  228. Lonely man
  229. Book and Bracelet
  230. A Southern Bed
  231. Hand games
  232. Trying to cacth autumn feel ...
  233. Found Painting
  234. Photographs as Art
  235. Critique Desired: A Tribute to Mary Colter
  236. Great Photography Video at New York Public Library
  237. Simple Things
  238. Critique Desired: Art with a phone and a reflection?
  239. 3 Pinkham Smith lenses compared
  240. A Fine Car
  241. Accepted Definition of Art
  242. Critique Desired: Photo from my "Native American Grandmothers" series
  243. Question: Common Properties of the best Photographs
  244. Question: Who are your favourite photographers?
  245. Hands up !
  246. Holy Bible
  247. Spotlights
  248. Critique Desired: NYC - The Twin Towers before 9/11
  249. Bleu-blanc-rouge
  250. Heart of a book
  251. Art has no boundaries
  252. How do you measure up as an artist?
  253. Critique Desired: Pretty in pink!
  254. Critique Desired: Treat
  255. Critique Desired: Inspired by other art...
  256. Question: Aesthetic impact of photography upon 19th century art world?
  257. Question: What is the definition of abstract photography/art?
  258. Critique Desired: tv
  259. Sacred Heart HDR
  260. Old and New Tea Kettles
  261. when the time paasses...
  262. Question: I need some advice...
  263. Default one person show for one person only
  264. Question: Art or not?
  265. Art or not? A central repository of links to art related discussions in OPF
  266. Photography and Art in OPF
  267. Critique Desired: Blooming
  268. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: In memory of Coral Reefs
  269. Critique Desired: Rock circus/ just starte on going project
  270. Reine en Cristal
  271. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Cellar window
  272. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: The door to salvation or to damnation? It's your choice!
  273. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Accès Interdit
  274. High Pressure Low Light
  275. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Dream Gardens...
  276. Being human
  277. Critique Desired: Organic network
  278. Logged in as Imants K Prefix: Title:
  279. Big foot
  280. Critique Desired: Caleidoscopes
  281. Critique Desired: Ivy Window and Chair
  282. Abandoned places, studies of light and desolation
  283. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Life inspiration
  284. Critique Desired: caleidoscope 3
  285. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: E-3 Live View and Textures
  286. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: A dream of nature
  287. Question: object-photography - beside the convention
  288. Critique Desired: Mergulho Do Corpo (Diving Body)
  289. Critique Desired: Old Iron
  290. Critique Desired: Small man and the City Draft
  291. Critique Desired: Bricks and Sky
  292. Critique Desired: Sequence III
  293. No title I
  294. No title II
  295. Critique Desired: Memory
  296. Being Watched
  297. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Bois et Femelle
  298. Critique Desired: Pictures at an exhibition
  299. Critique Desired: Makeup
  300. token...... an attitude
  301. The hypocrisy of "Fine Art Photography"!
  302. Critique Desired: Sailorman running
  303. Critique Desired: Lego game
  304. Critique Desired: The Watch
  305. Tropical Bird Flower Children
  306. The Birth of Pestilence*
  307. Critique Desired: Midwater
  308. Critique Desired: Boy and a cemetery
  309. Passage of time
  310. Lightness of Being
  311. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Wondering about the Fall
  312. ah hummnn
  313. Long exposure
  314. images
  315. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: An Abstract Series in Progress
  316. painting with light
  317. "Of Dreams"
  318. Critique Desired: Entrails
  319. Challenge: Go out and shoot: "Lunch with friends"!
  320. Critique Desired: Hidden Emotions (at the Frontier)
  321. Merry Christmas To OPF
  322. New Divergences
  323. Critique Desired: First post
  324. Critique Desired: Convex
  325. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Caged
  326. Critique Desired: Floating Candles
  327. Friends in the Sunset (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India)
  328. Critique Desired: Snow
  329. Critique Desired: Stairway to Somewhere
  330. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Particle Pool
  331. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: tulip fire
  332. Critique Desired: A quiet crowd
  333. Critique Desired: A Night Scene
  334. Critique Desired: Saw
  335. Critique Desired: Pavement
  336. Critique Desired: New to the forum.....
  337. Little House on the Prarie
  338. Dearborn River B&W
  339. Critique Desired: Watching the world go by
  340. Critique Desired: Daylight
  341. Critique Desired: Strong eyes
  342. Critique Desired: Lost & Found
  343. Critique Desired: "Verboden toegang....
  344. Critique Desired: A rendez-vous...
  345. Critique Desired: Lavage
  346. Critique Desired: She and He
  347. Critique Desired: Urban abstract...
  348. In Perspective, Fun: Urban Graphics - 'BLEED...'
  349. Snow White in her Deep Sleep
  350. Fine Art Photography Top 16
  351. Cycle of Life
  352. Another cryptic image
  353. Funky Fun - E-PL1
  354. Just Sharing-NSFW-sexually suggestive, NOT "PC" and the like, Theater project - "La tour"
  355. Critique Desired: Reflections
  356. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) sand
  357. Touching the wave
  358. vehicle.tyres.compressed
  359. Critique Desired: L.A. Sunset Primitive 01
  360. Underwater Photography as Art
  361. Critique Desired: Running boy
  362. Hidden Sunset
  363. every.thing.solid
  364. Critique Desired: Waves & Movement
  365. Critique Desired: Shapes & Colors
  366. Critique Desired: A common place (final)
  367. Recalling Impressionism: To start off, "Lunch in September"
  368. The sea smiles...
  369. A day at the beach
  370. Ginger in Shadow
  371. Critique Desired: Dots
  372. Critique Desired: A common place (part 2)
  373. Untitled 3
  374. Critique Desired: L.A. Sunset Primitive #02
  375. Film: Op Art Abstract.
  376. Film: Turned Path, Mandala.
  377. In Perspective, Fun: Rasberry Butter?
  378. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Carolina Morning
  379. Passion
  380. Charlotte's Purse
  381. Seventies Satin
  382. Crosses
  383. Beaux Arts Scenery vs. Landscape Photography
  384. Untitled VI
  385. In Perspective, Fun: Gallery Show to SHare
  386. An Urban Abstract...
  387. Jakkals trou met Wolf se vrou
  388. In Perspective, Planet: Women Portraits that
  389. Some call it a dance..they
  390. New & Interesting Photography Site
  391. Photography as appreciation of Nature
  392. Flower Child
  393. Dante's warning
  394. wave.4.8000
  395. It's a great colour pic but...
  396. Critique Desired: Identity
  397. The Madness of Witches
  398. The Altered Landscape: Collaborative Photography Project
  399. Artist Al Wildey
  400. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Extreme crop "Created" an image
  401. Critique Desired: Above the tree-tops
  402. Lianas and Doorways
  403. Challenge: Opportunity for Gallery Show in Los Angleles
  404. For Asher: abstract and context
  405. tooling about
  406. Critique Desired: Polaroid Reversal Series
  407. Pebbles
  408. Distribution
  409. NSFW: Untitled #1 (some mild nudity)
  410. Urban Decay
  411. My World: Looking through a bus window in a storm.
  412. A Study for a Series on Woman's Choice, "13 LA Women"
  413. Local Car Show
  414. the essence of minimalism
  415. rules of the game
  416. Groovey 60's Vibe
  417. Delish - Food
  418. Backward Lilies
  419. Any advert in a public space is yours
  420. Favourite Pastime
  421. Picture frame
  422. Review: Angel Light
  423. Light
  424. "Till the Cows Come Home"
  425. Free
  426. Daylight Moon through Tree
  427. Critique Desired: Convergence
  428. Ross Creek Cedars
  429. Photo_21
  430. Soft Pastels
  431. New Cesures
  432. Early Morning London Skyline with Moon
  433. Critique Desired: Oblique
  434. Critique Desired: The Milk
  435. Religion is getting to me.
  436. Fortification
  437. NSFW: Continuing Homage Journey
  438. PIFFLE or not?
  439. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Stagnant Pool Piffle
  440. Art with intent.
  441. Critique Desired: Shadow Tripychs
  442. Critique Desired: Nobody's Business
  443. Tin Drum; Train Spotting, Starry Night; Never Mind the Bollocks; Piffle
  444. A new series: And I
  445. A Muse Visits! NSFW: Evening Muse #1
  446. Sequence I, II
  447. Two studies of abandoned automobiles
  448. Critique Desired: Broken Dreams
  449. Critique Desired: Michaelangelo Muscovy, Artist Extraodinaire
  450. Critique Desired: Night Moves
  451. Different....
  452. Critique Desired: In a Golden Bowl
  453. Question: Can A Space be a Subject
  454. "Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions Paris Photo Show at Los Angeles: Tal Shochat
  455. "Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions Paris Photo Show at Los Angeles: James Welling
  456. What to Leave Out, What to accentuate, etc. etc.
  457. Vision
  458. Constructive Criticism
  459. Leaving Dallas
  460. My World: Surreal Sheep
  461. A Child's Perspective
  462. Black and White
  463. black water
  464. My World: Corner Window
  465. My World: the rain refreshes ...
  466. Question: Who took that photograph?
  467. My World: the painter
  468. Equus Cornu
  469. The Ghosts of La Chatre
  470. "Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions NSFW - Photographic Art Sampling from the coming Photo LA 2014 Exhibition
  471. vnvs mvndvs
  472. My World: Blank Pages
  473. Digital montage .. nude
  474. My World: shadow of spring
  475. No art here
  476. Two hands...
  477. My World: colors after rain
  478. Sadly Nature
  479. Fountain at Angel of Peace
  480. My World: Caledonia
  481. My World: Common area
  482. Carla in fur, 2004 - faux pencil
  483. Gun Sights
  484. Tale of the songless Swan (Model Sara)
  485. Review: Photography and Sculpture by Scott McFarland and Manfred Permice
  486. Belt pieces...
  487. Roses in Black and White
  488. Soft Walk
  489. Floral Conversation
  490. Dianthus
  491. Caught in a cataract
  492. Dahlia
  493. 'A Negative Survey' - A Photographic Project #1
  494. It's not my fault
  495. Critique Desired: In the Style of Tatsuro Sawada
  496. 5 for 5 Photo Challenge
  497. Dream Song
  498. My World: end of season
  499. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) White Fence Revisited
  500. give and take