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Default A Humble Tribute to M.C. Escher's Three Worlds

Hi All,

When I saw these beautiful pictures, I knew I had to have a go at them :-).
Especially the first one made me think of the famous work by M.C. Escher called the Three Worlds:

I liked the symmetry of the H form of the buildings and the reflection on the pond. As an added twist, I thought it would make the image much more interesting if the sky and water to be swapped, hence the rotation. The leaves floating in the air, as it appears to be, adds a degree of surrealism (says he humbly). So I processed the image in LightZone (rotating, tone mapping, zone mapping, cropping, blurring, etc) and exported it to a TIFF file. Then in CS2, I have added waves and USM and exported to JPG.

What do you reckon?



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