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Originally Posted by Tom dinning View Post
_DSC8084 by Tom Dinning, on Flickr

Mother Teresa was made a Saint today.

Now I believe anything is possible under the Sun. Not that I care much, other than that which people believe without question, then put it upon me to concur.

Which brings me to my muses.

They are not beauties to behold. They sing to me in my darkest hours and irritate me as a beard rash does a woman's thigh.
Tom, (Saint of the outback)

,Winston Churchill sent poison gas to Iraq and celebrated the death from starvation of millions of Indians as "they had a stupid religion and bred too much".

Lennon beat his wife!

.......and now a Pope-hobnobbing collector of wretched folk from the gutter, (as showcase trophies of "beautiful suffering", for rich donors)........... while adamantly refusing the sufferers hospitalization for very simply curable diseases....... is now a saint!

_DSC8086 by Tom Dinning, on Flickr

......but you, Tom are already a saint, so go figure!

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