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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

(two be viewed from 15 feet) over.slip.time - M Hampton


I did exactly what you asked, viewed from from 15 feet. I had to up my monitor brightness and change my glasses, then the fellow came to life. So how does it change from the original in your own experience? How much time should "slip by" and do I need to be armed? He looks pretty impressive as it is.



it was a suggestion !

there is no original in my experience - there was an idea and I done it and it's it. I practiced with the whole procces and this is what works doing what I did I guess

time wise - 80 odd years or the exposuer time - or those times when we make images of people between times - the slip times - like tom talks about when he makes images of himself - or the camera does..

thanks for asking - btw did he start singing when you stood back - he should have !


time smears in photography...
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