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Originally Posted by Daniel Harrison
Well I just finished shooting a wedding on the weekend, and wow, lots of suprises!
Welcome to the wacky wonderful world of wedding photography where if something can go wrong it will. It is hard to know exactly what I would do if I were in your shoes.

I did have a wedding last year where it rained all day. We were facing the prospect of shooting in the hotel lobby but the clouds parted just as the sun was setting and I got a great photo of the couple out on the shore over looking the lake using just one flash and a tripod. If we werenít able to do that I have a backup plan.

I bring a mini studio set up to every wedding. It consists of two umbrellas, two Manfrotto stands and two 580EXs, one 550EX, one 420EX, an ST-E2 plus lots of batteries. I also have a backdrop in a bag. If it is warm outside then I will set up there. If it is windy then I set up the flashes without the umbrellas. If I canít get what I need outside I set up inside.

Hope this helps.
Bob Cooper
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