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I think your final steps depends on your final output.

You can save it without merging down or flattening the layers and then you can come back at a later time and further make adjustments. If you merge down or flatten all the layers and then save it you have to live with the adjustments that you have made or start from scratch from the original file.

So basically it depends on the final output which will determine if you flatten then save or not, in my work flow anyway. I usually save the full sized image with all the layers, adjustments layers, masks, etc as a psd so I can come back at a later time to readjust anything. Then after it is saved as a psd I will flatten all of the layers and save it as a jpg or tiff and make adjustments (resize for example) based on whether or not it is going to web or to print.

Are these the steps that you are referring to?
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