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Asher - I doubt that I will have any opportunity to know anything about the photographer, but can imagine that saying hello and making it clear that I am there as an amateur and not selling anything to anybody might be a good idea.

All my gear is my own. I have reached that time in my life when I can afford the gear I should have loved to have when I was younger and impoverished (or the argentique equivalent).

I intend taking EOS 5D mkiiii, 430EX or 580EXII, Canon 24-80 L f/4 lens. Probably have 17-40 in the car, but think just one lens is manageable. I would rather keep a low profile, one camera, one lens seems about as much as I would like to be toting, but I just have to have one flash just in case for fill if we get full sun. I am expecting to be able to use raw and LR to compensate for extreme contrast conditions. I could give the 430 to my wife and use the 580 to fire the 430 by wifi, but have v little experience with flash as I ddon't really like it much; any suggestions on that?

I anticipate having privileged access to the bride, so getting in there is probable - I can shoot some video of preps with bridesmaids, of bride's parents tittivating themselves... Maybe take my 5D mkII and get my wife to wave that about at the same time...

I just don't want to let my friends down as they think I am Cartier Bresson reincarnated !!
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