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Default India - November 2016

My wife and myself we will be travelling to India, again, next November.

I will take my Panasonic GX7 and two zoom lenses. The 7-14 and the 24-40 both f/2.8 from Olympus.

I regret but I can't take neither the Panasonic Zeiss 42.5 f/1.2 nor the Panasonic Zeiss 15mm, as the pack becomes too heavy.

I am not sure but perhaps - just perhaps - I will also take an Olympus 5 OMD-II which I will be borrowing from a friend of mines.

With these two cameras and the two zooms I have much versatility.

However, I must not forget the chargers as well the 13" MacBookPro and the iPhone. Too many things to drag and carry, I am afraid...

I am needing a new bag for this combo. With the ever increasing restrictions for the flights to travel with photographic equipment is more and more difficult.

I have been searching and found this thinktank rolling case to be quite good.

But the size is a bit away from cabin restrictions. And I am not willing to pay for the baggage!
Must be a roller case to drag in the long corridors of airports.
Any suggestions, please ?

I will be flying Emirates in the hennery (economy class)
All the best to you !
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