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Hi, Asher,

Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
Carla has to be the least materialistic kitchen designer in the USA! I cannot imagine even an IKEA kitchen on sale could be purchased for $13,000, appliances included of course!
No, this job does not include new appliances or cabinets. Just a new floor (ceramic tile), new countertops ("solid surface", like Corian), new embedded sink, new faucet, new garbage disposer, existing cabinet exteriors and doors refinished (paint, turquoise, new fittings). It includes ceramic tile in the entry hall (communicates with the kitchen). Should come in at about $10k.

From my experience of kitchen design, you'd be better off with the bragging rights this new lightweight camera will bring .......and if you wish you could earn the $$ back weekends assisting a wedding photographer taking candids as the bridesmaid's dress!
There seems to be some editorial lapse in that sentence (perhaps the result of "help" given by your i-thing). Were you speaking of candids up the bridesmaid's dress? Or that I should become the bridesmaids' dresser? "Yes, I know how to get them into that."

Wear a red or yellow silk scarf with your iconic eye-twinkle and they will be assured of your artistry too!
Well, a good thought. We are also pondering Jerome's suggestion that I wear a colored hat. Perhaps something Tyrolean.

As to showing off, I get plenty of cred from the "Leica" name prominently displayed on the lens on my Lumix FZ1000! "Oh, and I see you are using a Leica lens."

Best regards,

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