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Default Advice needed for a new "monitor"

For a number of years, I have been using on a succession of Windows desktop machines a ViewSonic VX2035wm "monitor", with a 20" screen and resolution of 1680 1050 px. It is certainly not a display unit from which I can expect extremely accurate color rendition, but it has served my purpose. (I do by the way use a Spyder 3 calibration system to make things as good as possible.)

But its backlight system (cold-cathode fluorescent) lately occasionally doesn't want to start properly, and I suspect it is not long for this world.

So I want to replace this display unit, perhaps with something from which I can expect modestly better color rendition.

I think I want to stay with a 20" or 22" screen size (of course the newer display units all have "wider" aspect ratios, so a 20" screen is not as high as the one I have now).

I don't want to go to one of the new super-high resolution units, as I use a number of legacy applications I have learned from colleagues will not cooperate with such.

My video board has DVI output but not HDMI.

I am starting with the thought that I would like to bring this in within maybe $400.00, but maybe that is unrealistic.

I'd be interested in suggestions as to what units I should perhaps look into. And of course, out here in the desert there is no possibility that I can actually look at anything serious before I would buy one to look at it, so it will probably need to be be something I could buy from B&H or Amazon.


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