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Oh believe me, Anne and I felt that one. We live in that area just east of the Guatemala/Mexico border where the epicenter was, but tonight are visiting Antigua, Guatemala which is 3 hours east of our home.

We have been through several very strong earthquakes in Nicaragua, one of 7.6 that toppled 1,200 homes in a town close to where we lived. This one was the strangest feeling earthquake that lasted for what seemed like an eternity. No rattling windows or swaying walls like we have experienced before - st the floors of hostel we are staying at, rolling and shifting like a big pool of jello.

While laying in bed trying to sleep, the strong aftershocks of over 5.0 for over an hour have made both Anne and I sick to our stomaches, sea sick like on a boat. The reports are starting to come in on the internet news. It will no doubt take a while to access damages in the coastal areas to the west us in Chiapas state. Thankfully, it was just a joy ride for us with our building staying in tact.

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