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Old April 28th, 2007, 08:40 AM
Nicolas Claris Nicolas Claris is offline
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Default Capture One PRO updated to 3.7.7

A new version is available

for Macs here

for Windows here

For Mac:
Release notes for Capture One PRO 3.7.7 for Mac

April 2007

What’s new in Capture One PRO 3.7.7

Introducing support for the all new P+ series of Phase One digital backs
The P+ Series - the new generation of powerful, precision digital backs from Phase One - opens new opportunities for the world’s leading photographers by raising the standards for digital image quality, flexibility, speed and durability. With the new P+ series Phase One introduces OptiColor+, a unique image processing algorithm, which delivers amazingly high color accuracy. OptiColor+ maintains colors in deep shadows and optimizes skin tones to perfection. P+ also includes the Dynamic+ technology which ensures less noise at all ISO settings and enables professional photographers to take photography to extreme limits e.g. low light photography. New ISO 1600 capacity is introduced in the P 30+ digital back. The XPose+ technology (patent pending) from Phase One enables exposures of up to 1 hour, which is enough time to create fantastic images by using creative techniques such as extreme light painting.

New camera support
• Phase One P 45+, P 30+, P 21+, P 25+, P 20+
• Leica DIGILUX 3
• Fuji S5
• Nikon D40
• Pentax K10D, K100D
• Olympus E-400

Improved camera support
• Phase One P-series digital backs
? Updated and improved White Balance presets and Kelvin curves
• Leica M8
? New profile for use with the IR cut-off filter

Solved issues
• LivePreview: ‘Angle’ renamed to ‘Rotation’ in the User Interface
• Issue with Kelvin slider on Phase One P 30 that could make the slider jump without having changed it
• When installed the "Capture" folder was missing
• When adjusting the tint slider via the input text field only allowed a range from -50 to +50. This has been changed to a range of from -100 to +100
• Lens Cast Correction popup will now only appear for Phase One digital back files
Please do no repost my images elsewhere than OPF without my permission.
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Old April 28th, 2007, 09:46 AM
scott kirkpatrick scott kirkpatrick is offline
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There are a coupla glitches you might want to know about. The Digilux-3 support didn't make it into the Mac release. The new profiles for the M8 include two versions for the PC and one for the Mac. The first one (and the Mac one) is called "leica IR/UV filter enabled" and appears to work fine with the existing filters (most users have B&W 486 filters, and real Leica filters are still rare). See this post on the Leica-Camera-Users forum for some quick test cases. However, the second profile, labelled "486 IR filter" sounds like a good idea, since the filters are definitely different, with the Leica filter being warmer and red-vignetting a bit less. But it doesn't seem to work yet. See my example in the forum linked above.

I don't know if these glitches will get quietly fixed with an updated file of 3.7.7 or not until 4.0 which is due any day now.

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Old April 28th, 2007, 10:58 AM is offline
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Can you tell us about version 4? I have a P 25/PowerBookG4 and would like basically one thing: faster conversion times on my old G4 --before I save to upgrade to DualCore--.

I'm using the DB, or Capture One Digital Back that is free and unlimited but only works with PhaseOne devices --which is the only thing that I have besides my old S2fujifilm-.

I like so much the world of CaptuereOne that when I go back to Photoshop I feel restrained, as if the histograms are less elastic and there is less fun to have.

My wish list for Capture One:

Lens barrel distortion

If the are to compete with the H3 and are "talking" with Mamiya, it would be a nice gesture to have barrel corrections for the AFD 645 system.

HDR or High Dynamic Range. I could be offered directly in Captuere One. Can you imagine: to choose the raw images you want to merge BEFORE when they are raw??
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Old April 28th, 2007, 02:14 PM
Ron Steinberg Ron Steinberg is offline
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Bite the bullet and buy an Intel Macbook Pro. I have both an old G4 Ti book and a Macbook Pro, and I can tell you that C1Pro/DB just flies on Intel. P45 files process out in 45 seconds on my Macbook Pro, and my Canon files are just lightning fast. Do it, you won't regret it.

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Old April 29th, 2007, 11:09 AM
scott kirkpatrick scott kirkpatrick is offline
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Originally Posted by View Post

Can you tell us about version 4?
Sorry, I just know they have been working on it for about a year, and it is a major rewrite. They have talked about handling some local enhancements (dodge and burn, maybe?) and also doing vignetting corrections for the m8 crowd and maybe others. Barrel and pincushion correction would fall into that last category. In the past they have tried to keep things simple and stick to giving the highest quality color renderings. And if time gets tight they will undoubtedly do that again...

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Old April 30th, 2007, 03:19 PM
Nill Toulme Nill Toulme is offline
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According to a news item on Rob Galbraith's site, v3.7.7 also includes Phase One's "first crack at supporting CR2s from the Canon EOS-1D Mark III."

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Old May 1st, 2007, 04:14 PM is offline
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Ron, Can you please advice me on something related to CaptureOne?

I have an assignment that will produce an undetermined amount of raw files from which the client will have to choose. What is the best and fastest/simplest way to provide them with .jpg's of the RAS's considering that I have a relatively old computer. (this is the catch, if I don't work, I can't pay for new toys -- by the way, did you see the new tower with 8 cores??--.

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