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Old April 8th, 2009, 01:47 PM
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For those who have been searching for new sources or buying other people's ramining few sheets, here's, I think, is the answer to your prayers from Michael Smith of Lodima press! This is very important news and I think reflects well the renewed and gorwing interest in fine film photography. For those who are unaware of the qualities of this paper, let me assure you that this is one of the fines media one can find to deliver your print with detailed and dleicated tonalities.

Azo Replacement Paper

Photos: Michael and Paula Chamlee
March 2009 update
Silver Chloride Contact Printing Paper

We are now ready to take orders for the big production run of Lodima Fine Art paper. The results are in. Lodima Fine Art paper is a success. We think the paper yields prints that are the most beautiful since those made on paper in the late 1930s and early 1940s.
User experience is referenced on the Lodima website linked below.

Here are the sizes and prices:

8x10 Grade 2 100 sheets $139.95
8x10 Grade 3 100 sheets $139.95

8x10 Grade 2 250 sheets $324.95
8x10 Grade 3 250 sheets $324.95

9x11 Grade 2 100 sheets $174.95
9x11 Grade 3 100 sheets $174.95

10x12 Grade 2 100 sheets $209.95
10x12 Grade 3 100 sheets $209.95

11x14 Grade 2 100 sheets $269.95
11x14 Grade 3 100 sheets $269.95

8x20 Grade 2 100 sheets $279.95
8x20 Grade 3 100 sheets $279.95

20x24 Grade 2 50 sheets $419.95
20x24 Grade 3 50 sheets $419.95

Rolls: Grade 2 60cm x 25 meters $409.95
Rolls: Grade 3 60cm x 25 meters $409.95

"We will take orders for other sizes. As requests for uncommon sizes come in, we will list them in the shopping cart. If there are sufficient orders for, say, 10x12, or 16x20, we will not need to have a “special order” charge. If you want to place an order for a size not listed, please send us an email."

Read the entire story here.
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