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Old June 2nd, 2012, 10:48 AM
Mark Hampton Mark Hampton is offline
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Smile Scott Myles: This Production

On another thread I mentioned this Exhibition - I didn't want to expand to much on it as an image was only used to point in a direction.

Dundee - well its always getting a slagging off - its a working class Scottish town - the people are a bit interbred and not the cleanest.

it has an Art school and also some good galleries. Not wanting to pass my utter dislike for the place onto my son i took him along to look at some work in the DCA.

Scott Myles: This Production

Now I dinny ken the bloke - but i would buy him a beer after looking at his work. He de constructs things and makes them anew. This for me is a valid thing to do - others may find it a bit ****. but looking freshly at the common for me is one of the things art can help with.

It wasn't to everyone's taste - on old couple we walked past and complained that there wasn't any real art on show and it was a waste of public money - they looked and sounded like tory scum (english /scottish accents with high vowels and shooting jackets on) and soon ran oot to get some overpriced food in the restaurant.

I made some work with the Scotts work - here are a few images;

1690 - Deka

Boy.boy - Deka

so would I recommend this exhibition - yes - i think everyone should travel to Dundee and take a look for yourself. Alexander enjoyed his time looking at the work and seemed entertained.

give me a shout and when you arrive and we can all go for a beer !
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Old June 2nd, 2012, 01:43 PM
Jerome Marot Jerome Marot is offline
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These are two very nice images, Mark. Very, very nice.
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Old June 3rd, 2012, 06:52 AM
Mark Hampton Mark Hampton is offline
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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
These are two very nice images, Mark. Very, very nice.

thanks man.

i like the light in the Gallery - here is an interview with the artist

and a few more snaps -

thanks for stopping by !
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Old June 5th, 2012, 04:52 AM
Mark Hampton Mark Hampton is offline
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Interview / STABILA (Scott Myles) - Deka

Interview, 2009
perspex, paint, metal, plastic, wooden crate
This bricolage floor-based sculpture consists of a fabricated perspex triangular wedge form that Myles has affixed to a office swivel chair base. Myles uses black paint to describe the object’s form, painting directly onto transparent perspex and in effect catching the gestural brushstroke in space. The sculpture has a slapstick aspect and alludes to Joseph Beuys’ Fat Chair (1964).

STABILA (Black and Blue), 2012
24 x screenprint, lithograph on paper
Produced in DCA Print Studio, STABILA (Black and Blue) comprises 24 framed prints hung in a horizontal line. The prints reproduce court production evidence, which Myles obtained from a lawyer in Glasgow; the indexically lettered photographs printed in a duotone of black and blue. They document an incident where an argument on a construction site in Glasgow resulted in one man inflicting injury upon another, wielding a STABILA branded spirit level as a weapon.

Myles was fascinated by the conversion of a tool, usually ascribed the role of achieving balance, into a weapon. The work has been installed to straddle Gallery One through into Gallery Two where the visitor arrives at a brick wall.

Extract from Flag (Scott Myles) - Deka

Flag, 2006
aluminium, paint, georgette, serifix Red, white and blue fields of material have been pulled taut and glued onto powdercoated metal frames. The work is fabricated using the same industrial process used to make frames for sceenprinting, only using fabrics one would associate with clothing and hosiery. The sculpture functions as a screen of concealment whilst visually resembling an open book.

Displaced Facade - Scott Myles

Displaced Facade - Scott Myles

Displaced Façade (For DCA)

Realised with the generous support of Ibstock Brick Ltd and with the skilled apprentices on the Construction course at Angus College in Arbroath (where Myles undertook his Art Foundation course). Displaced Façade (for DCA) has rich associations to the DCA building itself, to industry and to art.

The brick structure also makes reference to the American architectural practice SITE, specifically their work with the retail chain BEST Products in the 1970s. Myles has reinterpreted the BEST Cutler Ridge showroom, built in Miami in 1979, by creating a brick wall separated into three segmented parts that align to appear as one complete structure depending on the viewer’s perspective.

What is seemingly one wall, apparently complete and without fault, reveals itself as three walls, each incomplete and in a state of potential ruin. Such deconstruction exists not only in postmodern architectural practices like SITE, but also in many earlier meditations upon ruins in the paintings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Joseph Gandy, the latter of whom was commissioned by Sir John Soane in 1830 to depict the Bank of England as a ruin of the future.

full txt link - here - the above text has been lifted from a DCA booklet.

hope this fills in some blanks.

of the two top works

BOY, 2011
unique screenprint on aluminium These fluorescent orange words on black backgrounds resemble instructional signage in public and corporate spaces. The language is short in length, yet is evocative and open, suggesting multiple layers of meaning. BOY could be seen to have an autobiographical aspect, in that any artist exhibiting in their home town must reflect upon their personal history.

As a phrase, GOOD ACTS WANTED has multiple associations; one reading could be derived from the artist’s time spent as part of a Glasgow Music Collective committee after arriving in Glasgow in the late 1990s

Analysis (Mirror), 2012
found object, paint, lacquer Two reclaimed and refinished bus shelters are presented in DCA, one upturned upon the other. One bus shelter mirrors the other and this doubling is continued by the
sculpture being meticulously coated in a mirror surface. The scratches and burns of petty vandalism are left visible, but the refined process of the mirroring gives the sculpture a sumptuous, disorientating effect.

Analysis (Mirror) is another work that takes the outside everyday world and brings it indoors - bus shelters are places of pause and reflection, awaiting a continuation of a journey. Myles is interested in those moments of repose and refers to this sculpture as a memory object.

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