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  1. A better title for this forum?
  2. just thinking about mf.....
  3. Wista Technical Rail
  4. e75 arrived
  5. A interesting story
  6. P25 RAW's strange behaviour
  7. full ( architecture ) resolution shots from e75
  8. Emulating Films via color profiles
  9. Digital Large Format
  10. Moving Water by Scanning Digital Backs rainbow artifact
  11. Buy a MF camera now?
  12. Why pay xtra $10.000
  13. Messing with a P45
  14. Medium Format in "The Future"
  15. Wide Angle Digital Photography with a DB
  16. secret forums in the net ....
  17. Pentax 18MP MF camera and evetually 30MP!
  18. how to use longer times than 1sec with sync out+ hblad lenses
  19. new shots from e75 with shift lenses
  20. Michael Reichman's 2006 assessment of MF Digital Systems, where are we now?
  21. Post Kina thoughts
  22. H3D = "D" for disaster
  23. Relevance of fitting backs to XY digital platforms.
  24. Betterlight scanning back shot, low light exposure
  25. Got my P 25
  26. How many 4x5/8x10 view cameras is too many
  27. Post 4x5 vacation & snapshot photos! I dare you!
  28. Getting a MF system now without waiting for Pentax or the Hy6!
  29. full res shot of Munich city with e75 and 28HR
  30. Phase One Back pricing
  31. New To LF Journal 1: gear acquisition
  32. New to LF Journal 2: first pictures
  33. Readyloads vs Quickloads
  34. New to LF Journal 3: processing
  35. MAMIYA 28mm annaunced
  36. Mamiya ZD
  37. Should I dump my conatx 645
  38. How did you make the jump to MF?
  39. Hands on outing for 8x10 & 4x5 no camera needed!
  40. Fun with a new bellows on my old Calumet C1 8x10!
  41. Pentax 645D
  42. My 8x10 lens is named after a gynecologist??
  43. Color Polaroids on my old Calumet 8x10 Oh what fun!
  44. New to LF Journal 4: Portability
  45. How many boxes of 8x10 polaroid to take to a shoot?
  46. Looking for older scanning back for my 4x5
  47. Large Format Backs - New tutorial article
  48. Um, Large Format? Advice please.
  49. 8x10 results from todays OPF shoot, a 100 Year Old Locomotive!
  50. Polaroid 8x10" lightbrushed
  51. Got my Graflex
  52. DIY large format - some questions
  53. Am I missing something?
  54. Pentax abandons medium format camera
  55. Sharing my everyday work (art imaging)
  56. At last my 4x5 SLR?
  57. Who has Graflex Cameras? What do the serial numbers mean?
  58. Film exposure in LF. How do you do it?
  59. My Baby has a Mother now, thanks Will
  60. How do you adjust a Copal No. 3 shutter (1 stop slow @ 125th sec.)
  61. New Gaoersi 6x17 Camera
  62. PHASEONE color profiling
  63. $7k 22MP DIGITAL BACK from Mamiy
  64. Playing around with my 8x10...
  65. Handsdown review ZD back with 645AF/DII
  66. Challenge: 1 Meter wide shot with a coke + i/2 US Dollar bill! :)
  67. Is Hy6 nearer?
  68. want a $200 120mp camera?
  69. These things really will take pix!
  70. What is the best way to see/compose with ground glass on a view camera?
  71. Advice needed on MF body and lens to rent
  72. New Member
  73. The Unique Advantages of the Mamiya System: real or imagined?
  74. How will Leaf, Rollei and Sinar hook up with the same basic body?
  75. Anyone using a TLR for street/documentary?
  76. MF Rangefinders the might take Digital Backs? Any ideas?
  77. anyone here shooting Rollei 6008?
  78. 4x5 Photo from my new Toyo 45GII camera
  79. Please post photos showing practical use of extreme movements with a View Camera
  80. Polaroid type 55
  81. Fotoman PS large format
  82. The (DMF) world as we know it..
  83. OPF forum blog - making the shift to MF...or not.
  84. Help needed
  85. Anyone seen this? Looks interesting.
  86. The 1DsMKIII as a View Camera, using Live View & a TSE Lens?
  87. X-Ray Film, Has anyone here developed it?
  88. Advices, advices…
  89. Phase One Working some Magic with a new Open System! What do we know? What does it me
  90. Phase One Working some Magic with a new Open System! What do we know? What does it me
  91. Large and Ultra Large Format shoot out....plus the 5D!
  92. C1 "bible"
  93. HY6 preview @ LL
  94. Some Sinar Hy6 - eMotion 75 Image Samples
  95. Wide Angle lenses for the Hy6? Schneider, Rodenstock, Zeiss, tricks with adapters?
  96. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008
  97. C14 and earlier files
  98. For Sinarback eMotion Users - New Firmware Update v. 5.0
  99. What is your take?
  100. C1 3 Faster Than C1 4
  101. Hasselblad Customer Care email
  102. Sinar Hy6 - List of all lenses fitting the camera
  103. ULF Pinhole Camera for 16x20 film! The GarbageCam!
  104. Revolving camera
  105. ALPA 12 TC & SINAR Emotion
  106. Sinar Hy6 Camera - Video
  107. Zeiss FE lenses with *any* 39Mpxl digital back?
  108. The new phase/mamiya camera...what does everyone think?
  109. Sinar eXposure - Release Information
  110. Aptus 75s: figuring out the ropes
  111. Filmback orientation Hy6
  112. Hasselblad H3D
  113. Just how many 8x10 view cameras is too many?
  114. Sinar Hy6 Camera - New Firmware Updater 2.09
  115. Sinar Hy6 - Sinarback eMotion 75 / Views with Revolving Adapter & 45° Prismfinder
  116. Sinar Hy6 Camera System - Some General Views
  117. eMotion 75 LV - Display Views
  118. Rolleiflex Hy6 system views
  119. Rolleiflex Hy6 system views (continued)
  120. The "goods" on Asher...over at LFForum :~'))
  121. ISO 800 - Sinar eMotion 75 sample
  122. Rollei Hy6 last post
  123. Advice (Nicholas?) or others please?
  124. Mamiya RB67 (and the MF rite of passage)
  125. I own 2 Zeiss Ikon TLRs
  126. New Sinar eXposure Version 6.01 Available
  127. How did I light this?
  128. Profoto or Elinchrom
  129. A Little Temptation - Sinar Hy6 - eMotion 75 System
  130. If you wish to see a ISO 800 Comparison - eMotion 75 vs. Phase One P45+
  131. Mamiya Expert Needed
  132. MF, LF, film or digital... and do I want to go there at all?
  133. Move up to MF and LF - Step 1
  134. New "arTec" Sinar Architecture Camera
  135. So, how big is a WHOLE enchilada?
  136. New Phase One P65+ to be announced July 14th, 2008
  137. How to get exposures wide open with soft portrait lenses?
  138. Tilt/shift for the poorman
  139. K-38 Military aerial camera (9x18 inch)
  140. Leaf AFi 7 system review
  141. At last at large
  142. iPhone with MFDB?
  143. New Sinar Hy6-65 Camera System and Hy6-s65r (31 MPx) Announced
  144. Sinar Hy6 Firmware Version 2.10
  145. Sinar arTec Market Prices - Camera, Lenses & Accessories
  146. Sinar arTec Camera Brochure
  147. IPA Award 2008 - Congratulations to Rainer Viertlböck for his 1st Place
  148. Sinar Hy6 - 65 Camera Prices - Photokina Pre-Announcement
  149. Please help: Problem with web display
  150. Some fashion from yesterday
  151. Cliff View
  152. Leather, wood and skin
  153. Could this be a real tricolor sensor from Kodak?
  154. Estonian bog
  155. GTO-trouble
  156. Leica S2 - The dog that doesn't bark
  157. Leica lenses for Mamiya mount
  158. My new studio
  159. New Mamiya Blog
  160. Need Advice With Bronica Speed Grip E
  161. new Mamiya DL28 Digital Camera System
  162. Strips of 120 on Film Scanners
  163. MF Film For Scanning: C-41 or E-6?
  164. 4x5 and 9x12
  165. Mamiya AFD II - Aperture Failure
  166. Now this is Large Format!
  167. Non PQ lenses on HY6 body.
  168. My Very Best Wishes
  169. I had a chance to shoot with a Leaf camera
  170. Great service
  171. latest arsenal, vintage stroboflash
  172. Sinar eXposure Software Version 6.1.1 Released
  173. Diffraction effect (originally titled: Reciprocal Failure) quick test MF
  174. From Thierry Hagenauer - Annoucement
  175. digital and film together?
  176. LF: Shooting hand held 4x5
  177. Shooting film: e6 or cNegs?
  178. Affordable Medium Format Digital Cameras?
  179. Problem With My Mamiya: Mirror Won't Unlock
  180. Leaf continues with phase one
  181. Jenoptik terminates business with mid format cameras
  182. Hy6 users and the future..
  183. Hartblei MF - cam
  184. need info and parts for this camera
  185. my oooold P25
  186. Contax 645
  187. Rollei masterware software
  188. does anybody remember this article?
  189. Thinking on selling PhaseOne P25
  190. Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! Preparing a grand tour of Bolivia high deserts
  191. Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! Am I crazy?
  192. Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! Remember iView Media PRO? free until tomorrow
  193. Back from 1400km 4x4 tour of Bolivia
  194. LF: Contact Printing!
  195. Carriage trail walk with Mamiya RZ
  196. Twice bitten, not shy (LF)
  197. Saga of a project to photograph ancient books.
  199. 5x7" underwater
  200. To share new-born 45SPS w/ 40mm Vertical Shift
  201. Metering with a 35mm camera for Medium Format shooting
  202. Any experience w/ Mamiya 110mm 2.8 with extension tubes and 50mm close ups??
  203. Review: How to use the amazing 14 5/8 oz Globus 4"x5" Camera shell for today's photography!
  204. MF curious... where do I start?
  205. From Science to Art: The Story of Leaf.
  206. Super, extremely large format!
  207. Post your Globuscope 4x5 Pictures Here
  208. Kodak Back for Contax 645?
  209. Car Photography by Alain Briot
  210. 3d printable medium format pinhole camera
  211. Noticed... Fuji GX680 prices? ...it's a steal!
  212. Conorus, Contax & Canon blessing...
  213. Sinarback 75...
  214. Multishot vs. singleshot...
  215. Shooting for Hog Heaven
  216. 4x5 Pinhole Project
  217. The 22mp Kodak "fat pixel" magic....
  218. Testers wanted for Android LF Film App
  219. Leica S... it looks future promising!
  220. Review: Hasselblad HTS 1.5
  221. RZ67 Dark View Area
  222. News: XF camera system
  223. Math - What would the equivalent numbers ...
  224. Photographic Gems of Our Times From The Web Taken with a Hasselblad MF camera
  225. News: Hasselblad H6D.
  226. News: Sony to build new 100/150 MP MF sensors in 2018
  227. LF: Zeiss-for-Linhof Sonnar 250mm f/5.6 on 4x5in