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  1. Sean Reid Reviews Sony R-1
  2. Sean Reviews: An Introduction
  3. Pentax 18MP MF 645 coming, but when?
  4. New 1D flag ship?
  5. News in brief Updated Wednesday October 11th 2006
  6. 24" and 44" Z Series Printers by HP!
  7. The one and only Hy6!
  8. What the Duck, © 2006 Aaron Johnson with permission
  9. Adobe RAW updates for Windows & Mac
  10. Civil War Reenactment in SoCal: Gettysburg at Moorpark
  11. And another reenactment in Simi one week after Moorpark
  12. Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta Released
  13. New Nikon D40! The buzz is on!
  14. Archive Creator goes 3.11 (beta)
  15. New SilkyPix version Developer Studio3.0
  16. Photo Op: Mercury transit
  17. Message to the customers of the LEICA M8
  18. On Line Now! Fast Yachts at Sea: The Journey of A sea Captain and His Wife.
  19. Doo Dah Parade, Pasadena, CA
  20. FF Family
  21. AOL Says Copyright Infringment OK!
  22. New Bessa wide angle R4A to Ship April 2006
  23. M8 Critique of new report!
  24. M8/5D Files Available!
  25. Guests join to really participate! Read This!
  26. New Version of Star*Explorer
  27. Review of K100D
  28. What The Duck, © 2006 Aaron Johnson with permission
  29. Michael Rechman's Report on the Canon iPF5000 after 1000 prints!
  30. Old new news---Epson 3800 shpping in US
  31. New Fine Print Portfolio Released today!
  32. M8 DNG Files Available For Processing! Fall Colors in Central Park NY
  33. Special Leaf Training Opportunity for LA area This Thursaday
  34. Holy Cow! 51 percent of the shares in Sinar remain with Jenoptik.
  35. Photoshop CS3 Beta release 15 Dec 2006
  36. Noise Ninja CS3 Beta Plug-In Available
  37. Noise Ninja CS3 Beta Plug-In Available
  38. Bruce Fraser's Passing
  39. SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 Ver3.0.3 is now available!
  40. Beware DSLR's raining from sky!
  41. Season greatings
  42. Friday December 22cd 2006
  43. A new tool from Belkin to clean sensors...
  44. Lightroom will be released in March
  45. Latest News January 2007
  46. The 16th International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition
  47. Progress in digital image processing.
  48. Return to Los Angeles!
  50. Yahoo to acquire Flickr, users flee
  51. February 6th 2007
  52. Call For Raw Files: All Pro Purpose Cameras!
  54. Lightroom for Raw shooter users
  55. Canon Posts !D Mark III 10 fps 10.1MP live preview
  56. Adobe Acrobat Reader 8
  57. Updated Lightroom Tutorial Available Now!
  58. Microsoft warns Vista users not to add metadata to Canon RAW .TIF files
  59. Total Lunar Eclipse This Weekend
  60. CS3 to be launched March 27
  61. Breaking NEWS: MONDAY FEBRUARY 26th, 2007
  62. Metz 58
  63. Monday March 12th Alain Briot's book: Mastering Landscape Photography
  64. Online survey for M8 users
  65. GPS is coming to a hotshoe near you
  66. Beware of RAW!
  67. Dust-Aid Taking Orders
  68. CS3 is expected to ship by end of April 2007
  69. Point Mugu Air Show March 31st - April 1st
  70. Updates to Canon dSLR applications
  71. March 31st 2007 Photographic Summit
  73. Lies and Sensor Cleaning! Myth and wishful thinking exposed!
  74. 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography
  75. Capture One PRO updated to 3.7.7
  76. New OPF Forum: Imaging Technology
  77. Canon Digital Photo Professional Updater 3.0.1 2007_05
  78. Free Print Targets For Photography! What do you use?
  79. New HP Monsters: 42" and 60"
  80. New Flash Memory Standard In The Works
  81. Wedding Photographer Bootcamp (US 10 city tour)
  82. Amazon acquires DPReview
  83. Canon iPF5001 & 6001
  84. Image Processing First Class! The 64 BIT advantage.
  85. SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0.9 is now available
  86. Interesting Canon article.
  87. GOTY: Gadget Of The Year
  88. Major update for PS CS3
  89. Last year's news actually
  90. The Bell Tolls! The Online Photographer...where was it? Now Back Online!
  91. Inspiration Essay on Luminous-landscape
  92. Canon 50 megapixel sensor
  93. Browser Safari 3
  94. New color-filter doubles the light sensitivity in digital cameras
  95. Announcing the fast link: opfphoto.com
  96. Breaking News June 19th 2007
  97. Forthright Review on 1DIII : 1DIIN remains king of sports focus!
  98. Important Copyright Case Law Reversal
  99. Light Room 1.1 has been released
  101. Breaking News June 5th 2007: Canon Mark III User's Guide Available Shortly
  102. The Photography Summit in Arizona
  103. Canon 1D Mark III test report by Arthur Morris, Online!
  104. DOP Guide to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  105. Canon Quiet Recall? Is it true?
  106. The God-gadget??
  107. July 19th 2007: Hy6 at Calumet Camera New York: Mark Your Calendar!
  108. Focus Issue Addressed in Firmware Update for 1DIII
  109. Public beta of colorXact 'Online Profiler', free during the BETA period
  110. Photosynth Demo
  111. Greg Gorman photo/digital workshop
  112. MK3 Firmware update available 7/30 9PM
  113. Amazing flood in South East Asia!
  114. New 24" imacs 1 TB drives, FW 800, 5 USB ports, Gb Ethernet for All Your Workflow?
  115. 1DSMK3 is now a reality
  116. New 12.47mp APS-C Sony Sensor
  117. Nikon D3 - one-ups Canon?
  118. Married to Canon? How about a Nikon Mistress, the D300?
  119. The Hard Side of Beauty
  120. Courses/Workshops/Shooting Opportunities for September and October 2007
  121. 32 GB SD Card from Toshiba for January 2008!
  122. Capture One v4 Beta available
  123. high res images (astronomy)
  124. higher speed hdd's
  125. Lightroom 1.2 now available
  126. Adobe warns Leopard not yet tested
  127. España workshop possibilities!!!
  128. Canon 1Ds Mark III will be presented
  129. Which is it ON or OFF?
  130. Will the Mk3 kill the Backs?
  131. DxO V5 announced
  132. A reminder: Tonemapping and HDR workshop in San Francisco this month!
  133. M8 Images worth looking at here in OPF!
  134. Olympus E3
  135. Back from PHOTOPLUS
  136. Low Price cameras never delivered
  137. Mac OS Leopard Software Updates
  138. New Apple Store (images)
  139. Nikon vs Canon
  140. US DOT restrictions on lithium and lithium-ion batteries
  141. ATP's GPS Photo Finder geotags your pix OTG
  142. Phase One Tutorial
  143. Three Western USA workshops: "Najavoland" and "Capture more Light"
  144. Foto3
  145. Photographs keep smashing auction records! $3.4 million!
  146. Start Your Engines: All 8 of them! The New Mac
  147. MacBook AIR Anyone?
  148. Lotus Notes Coming to an iPhone near you! Amazing synergy between IBM and Apple!
  149. Adobe's LR may add HDR and Panos support
  150. A Parcel Arrived from China! The Chamonix 8x10
  151. Data stored on paper
  152. Sony 24mp Cmos
  153. may be better take the original PR
  154. Recent geotagging innovation
  155. Rob Galbraith reports on whispers of new 1D autofocus fix
  156. Could in-camera bracketing improve Dynamic Range?
  157. Leica returns the Whisper to M8! The new for ever upgrade policy!
  158. Phase One and Mamiya Strategic Alliance
  159. Community NEWS
  160. Apple Aperture 2 .... and now Aperture 3
  161. Carry-with-me-always" camera? Reviews/experiences: Is yours also a Canon G9?
  162. Is there an Android in Your future?
  163. Malicious Picture Frames from China: Did you get one?
  164. The cutting edge in Digital Sensors: Adobe side-swiped?
  165. Awards and Honors in the past year for OPF Photographers
  166. Congratulations to Nicolas Claris: Sinar to feature his work for 2008!
  167. Sigma upgrading DSLR SD 15 with DP1 sensor? DP2 and DP3 on way!
  168. Drew of ProPhotohome offers a new tool for white reference.
  169. Prof. Harald Mante aka Color Harry: THE PHOTOGRAPH
  170. Cinematte for Macs! Amazing at $95 just for now!
  171. March 2008 News! Asher Picks: The Latest Imaging Technologies for 2008!
  172. How good is this 5D MarkII rumor/news?
  173. Sony Full Frame For August 2008
  174. LED Flash
  175. FEP and Fine Art TV
  176. This year's Pullitzer
  177. The 12MP Canon Digital Rebel April 27th
  178. US-trained Iraqi Jurists get AP Bilal Hussein freed today! Guantanamo fallout?
  179. Sony Alpha A350 is a yawn!
  180. The AP-C sized RAW imager DP-1 for your attention! Warning: large file, but worth it!
  181. DreamColor: 30 BIT backlit LCD displays.
  182. Prystar explodes onto the net sky: Opensource Mac OS for PC's!
  183. RG CF/SD performance database updated
  184. Mark Hamburg has left Adobe Systems for a new job at Microsoft!
  185. Sinar e75 Digital Back has new version!
  186. 3.07 GHZ iMac available today!
  187. Still Photo: an incubator forum: any photographic idea. We relocate mature threads!
  188. A few places Left for 2008 Bryce Canyon Summit!
  189. Orphan Works Bill back again, write Congress & Post here that you have done it!
  190. IMPORTANT NEWS: Photoshop CS4 to support 64bit on windows only
  191. OPF Discount! Glamor/lighting workshop in Los Angeles June 7th and 8th 2008:
  192. June 2008 Chalenges: "June Bride" and "Side By Side"
  193. Photosol 'Eclipse' versus 'E2' confusion resolved
  194. A happy Dad…
  195. Got SmugVault?
  196. New "arTec" Sinar Architecture Camera
  197. Hassy so Classy! 50GB back!
  198. New Phase One digital back, P 65+
  199. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 released
  200. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX150
  201. Big Brother wants your hard drive!
  202. The Canon G9 Stalker is Announced; Nikon P6000
  203. The eye camera
  204. Some Photoflex gear on sale!
  205. The 50 D is here...where's the 5dMk2????
  206. Nikon D90 unveiled
  207. A tease from Canon
  208. Zeiss ZE Lens Teaser! Potentially Massive news September 15th!?
  209. Adobe Starts to migrate towards Web-Based Services: CS4 and Photoshop Express
  210. Apple's "Let's Rock!" September 9th 2008 10 a.m. San Francisco
  211. French magazine announces:
  212. Off-topic: Hadron Collider
  213. NIK Sharpener Pro 3.0
  214. 5DII, not your Dad's 5D, 1DsIII innards +HD? Did Nikon's 700D force Canon's Hand?
  215. Canon G10 now sports 14.7MP, Digic 4, 28-140mm, IS and RAW modes!
  216. The Brilliant Zeiss Distagon 21mm here again!
  217. Photokina update
  218. Sinar 65 digital cameraback
  219. Leica S 37MP bomb-shell! Rethink everything!
  220. Leica and Phase One in bed in getting out the Leica S flagship!
  221. Photokina? just back…
  222. Interview with photographer from Milano: Chris Sabbatini
  223. News: Videos from PDN+PhotoPlus
  224. Dutch National Archive is online
  225. MS drops VISTA for OS 7
  226. One Places Open For Alain Briot Workshop December 2008 and 2009
  227. Third Annual Samy's Camera Professional Photography Expo
  228. Congratulations! Another OPFer as a Sinar Featured Photographer
  229. News: NEW Canon DPP 3.5.1 SW now on Canon USA site!
  230. News: Life magazine's photo archive hosted by Google
  231. Now this is what I call real large format !
  232. New Video Print Review posted
  233. California Wildfires
  234. NPPA Announces NewsVideo Workshop to be Held April 5 - 10, 2009
  235. D3x !
  236. Is the D3X entry into the 21-24 MP race too late and too expensive? I think not!
  237. News: Imatest™ SFRplus a revolutionary advance it lens testing
  238. News: Ricoh GR DIGITAL II firmware upgrade
  239. Call for entries: Martin Parr to judge charity photography competition; £5,000 prize
  240. 2009 F295 Seminar in New York, Jan 18th & Exhibit Camera Club New York 16th-20th
  241. News: Link To Mactopia.com to get your Mac updates for Microsoft Software!
  242. News: LensAlign™ Seen! Announcement coming soon!
  243. News: Lenswork Magazine, December 2008 issue features Reichmann
  244. ..............................
  245. Ricoh GX200's firmware upgraded
  246. News: Lightroom 2.2 released
  247. The First Leica S2 "Midi-Format" Digital Professional Shoot!
  248. News: Lightroom News Interview with Timothy Armes
  249. News: Galisteo Basin Photography Project exhibition. Santa Fe on Jan 23 - March 7, 2009
  250. News: Panobook 2009 and now 2010!
  251. Plane Down in ICY Hudson River, everyone saved!
  252. Terrible storms in south France
  253. News: DXO Expands coverage to MF Digital Cameras!
  254. News: An offer from PDN not to refuse!
  255. Review: Review of the Gigapan Epic for Digicams like the G10 and the Ricoh GX200 and more!
  256. News: Treacherous Pictures!
  257. News: Pictures of Unique and Elusive Horned Narwhal in the Arctic
  258. News: Big Brother has big eyes in the sky!
  259. News: Oh this is exciting for strobist enthusiasts...
  260. 'The Genius of Photography' series on UK TV again
  261. News: Ricoh CX1 a Dynamic Range Challenger! Appears March 13 2009
  262. New version of Safari - Beta 4 posted by Apple
  263. News: Rock Art Perspectives Show in Bend, Oregon
  264. News: New CPN Issue
  265. News: Refurb Epson 3800's Available
  266. Franke & Heidecke Insolvent
  267. News: UK... Section 76
  268. News: PhotoFest09, Longbeach, California, April 1-4 2009
  269. News: Camera that auto stitches and auto builds from multiple shots!
  270. News: Apple Stores down worldwide: expect new gear! :)
  271. News: LensBaby Goes wide!
  272. News: Fuji F200EXR 12MP Super CCD: Will this humble the Canon G10? Large file!
  273. Is Leica S2 dead of alive ?
  274. News: Mamiya get a megapixel boost! With Nikon at 24MP, Mamiya swings back at 33MP!
  275. News: Urgent matter for all French photographers or even photography lovers (only)
  276. News: New Mac Pro Models Out
  277. News: New Intuos4 tablets from Wacom
  278. Palm Springs Photo Festival
  279. News: Helen Levitt whose precise grasping of life in New York city made her famous, dies.
  280. Azo Replacement Paper: LODIMA FINE ART™ avaialble for purchase now!
  281. Prtizker Prize Won by Swiss Architect Zumthor! Your best shots, his buildings!
  282. News: Annenberg Space for Photography
  283. News: Urs Recher Lighting Seminars
  284. The Icon Presents: April-May Workshop Series "Digital Image Workflow" w/ Lee Varis
  285. News: Canon offering free cleaning of oil spots on EOS-1D Mark III, EOS-1Ds Mark III sensor
  286. Foba Photo competition
  287. News: PICTURE A picture that made my week! Little girl with balloons
  288. News: Zion Photographic Summit in its 7th year!
  289. News: Strobist: Boot Camp II
  290. To Canon, Treasure and promote this revolution!
  291. News: Gigapan Sale!
  292. News: Leaf AFi Nears Death
  293. News: Red faces in Paris as 'destroyed' Cartier-Bresson snaps resurface
  294. News: Hidden Wars! The Hard Side of Central Governance!
  295. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Give away Gigapan this Friday at Engadget.com
  296. News: Canon develops Hybrid image stabilization system
  297. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Workshop Opportunities 2009: Landscapes to Nudes and Nudes in Landscapes!
  298. News: Official 2.a.m LA Time! Ricoh GR DIGITAL III, evolution of a gem!
  299. Mpix Pro Rights Grab
  300. News: Canon Powershot G11 to be announced
  301. News: The Canon 7D is big news! Fast accurate focus and low light capability!
  302. Leica M9..why the silence on OPF?
  303. Reading between the Lines: The Leica M9
  304. Good bye Willy Ronis - A giant is gone
  305. In Perspective, Fun: M.I.T Students Upstage NASA with Canon Camera, cooler, balloon for near space exploit
  306. Another hit to PJs rights in the UK (we've the same in France)
  307. News: Passing of Irving Penn
  308. Lightroom 3 Beta Available
  309. News: Thanks to Bart and Mike for taking on tasks of being OPF moderators!
  310. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Two Spaces for Hollywood Fashion and Beauty Workshop
  311. Sports Photography: exhibit at the new Annenberg Space for Photography
  312. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Event for San Francisco Bay Area Photo Enthusiasts
  313. New DAM Conference Premieres in Los Angeles
  314. News: DxO Optics Pro v5.3.6 for Mac expands and 30% off with free version 6 upgrade
  315. News: Architect of Iranian Revolution Dies!
  316. News: Europe Cold Spell!
  317. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: 2009 in Focus: Best of Times photography
  318. 2.3 Gigapixel Photo of Burj Dubai
  319. News: Photorumors declares 6 New lumix cameras! ..and 48, 64 GB SD cards!
  320. News: Take one tablet tonight and call me in the morning!
  321. News: Canon announces the new EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
  322. News: Lightroom 3 Beta
  323. News: Apple Patents Proximity Sensing Device for Screens!
  324. News: Pace your HD purchases! Cheaper SSD's 4th Quarter 2010
  325. News: Canon announces EOS 550D Rebel
  326. In Perspective, Planet: A place I love in turmoil!
  327. News: Massive Earthquake Strikes Chile!
  328. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: Free DVD for Using Canon/Nikon Video!
  329. New Micro 4/3 lens from Noktor
  330. News: GXR Firmware update!
  331. News: At Last! Polaroid Rebirth as "Impossible"! U.K. get first dibs!
  332. News: Archos 7 $197 7" Touchscreen Display, 3G, microphone, speakers!
  333. News: Adobe releases Lightroom 3 Beta version 2
  334. News: Adobe Creative Suite 5 launch
  335. News: Rokton Circular Image Sensor
  336. Alternative Process: Carl Weese's Pt/Pd prints
  337. awards of architectural photography
  338. News: New Profiling software from X.rite announced (Q4 2010)
  339. In Perspective, Fun: Quadricopter from France
  340. News: Lightroom 3: Tethered Shooting, Noise removal, videos and more!
  341. News: At last! ISO control, pixel by pixel and that's what it should be!
  342. News: Soon, the 500 Kg Gorilla from Japan: Smaller Canons : New DSLR-like small cameras!
  343. Ansel Adams glass negatives (?) on auction
  344. The blast of an HD camera and waterproof too!
  345. News: 70 Gigapixel Panorama (new record)
  346. News: Congrats to OPFr, Frank Doorhof, on joining Kelbytraining!
  347. Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! Making the ipad an editing platform Show us your apps!
  348. News: Rumor but likely: German Mag reports on New Low Light Compact Nikon DSLR!
  349. News: New Canon Lens/Camera announcements
  350. News: Educational Photo and HD Video Tour!
  351. In Perspective, Fun: Concert in Pasadena California This coming Saturday night
  352. Microsoft Rumored to Buy Adobe
  353. Special offer for Forum Members - The DAM Book and Expression Media 2
  354. In Perspective, Planet: The Need to Know! A breakthrough in personal knowledge!
  355. In Perspective, Planet: Now THAT'S photography
  356. Topaz Labs InFocus, a new deconvolution based sharpening plugin
  357. News: DXOMark 2011: New Ranking System for this free utility!
  358. News: Phase One Brings on Capture One 6 and Capture One Pro 6
  359. News: Lock mode button for Canon: Is there bang for the buck?
  360. News: PhaseOne released CaptureOne 6.0.1
  361. News: Adjusting DSLR lens focus: Michael Tapes delivers LensAlign II
  362. Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! Share you favorite Apps: This one turns display into a language lens!
  363. News: A Cancer Fund has support from Photography: A Contest!
  364. In Perspective, Planet: A New airship: If you are near Belgium visit this!
  365. News: $31,387 gets you an 80MP Leaf Aptus, USB III
  366. News: An Amazing advance coming from Ricoh: an M-lens Mount Unit for The GXR Modular Camera
  367. News: At Last! Nicolas Claris book on Yachts and Boats is Available to the rest of us!
  368. The Numbering Affair
  369. Canon Japan plant staus report
  370. MF Digital Studio Shoot Demonstration/workshop: Phase One 80 MP back and Capture One 6
  371. In Perspective, Planet: A Picture from Planet Mercury! And what is there there?
  372. Australian Landscape Photographer Peter Lik to be on Weather Channel show
  373. In Perspective, Planet: Potato view of the Earth!
  374. My Book Cover Sold
  375. News: Pentax 645D
  376. News: Layers in Lightroom and Aperture!
  377. A Moment in Time Preserved 163 Years
  378. Hey, Hot Shot! fee increasing Thursday
  379. Exciting new mode of photography
  380. Lenswork! A Photography Magazine for your consideration!
  381. In Perspective, Planet: Being able to breathe again!
  382. Lucian Freud dies aged 88
  383. In Perspective, Planet: Major Stem Cell Advance
  384. tethered shooting from a smart phone !
  385. In Perspective, Planet: Blue Whales at Long Beach California!
  386. News: Sale just for today of Platinum & Palladium Prints at $52!
  387. My World: Claris exhibition in China!
  388. In Memoriam: Steve Jobs 1955-2011
  389. News: Canon 1DX!
  390. Network Issue with part of USA and Europe!
  391. News: Is this the way for Canon, Nikon to go?
  392. Lytro
  393. In Perspective, Planet: The Woman that Revolutionized Evolution!
  394. News: What About found Photographs that" Have to Be made into Art"?
  395. News: Claris rewarded for the book on the CNB 100 Chrisco!
  396. News: Most Expensive Luxury Car Crash in History!
  397. New 'super-Photoshop' lets fakers add anything to photos in minutes
  398. this is beautiful
  399. Review: Panorama Robots: Gigapan and Kolor.com's Orion/Merlin based Panohead.
  400. News: Adobe's new upgrade policy...
  401. another monolith going down
  402. Photo LA 2012: Photographs & vibe
  403. Photography Invented !
  404. Just Announced: Nikon D800 & D800E
  405. News: Just launched! Canon expands EF lens range
  406. In Perspective, Planet: What does this January 2012 picture of the "Blue Marble" tell us?
  407. In Memoriam: A very special Photoshoot on Oceano Sand Dunes, Pismo Beach February 24-26 2012!
  408. News: Lightroom 3 at just $69.95!
  409. News: DPReview.com first test data on Canon G1X Big Pocket digicam
  410. News: In Cariou v. Prince, an Appeal to Clarify a Crucial Fair Use Boundary
  411. The D800 outdone by a mobile phone....
  412. News: "The Media of Photography": A Scholarly Look at Aesthetics! Bargain Special Edition!
  413. News: "The Media of Photography": A Scholarly Look at Aesthetics! Bargain Special Edition!
  414. News: 5D Mark III At Last finer AF and weatherproofed!
  415. News: A New Canon Flash, but will it work with the Pocket Wizard?
  416. Lightroom 4 has been released
  417. Review: DPReview Sample the New Canon 5DIII: Usable JPG shooting at 3200 ISO!!!
  418. Review: Nikonian Wedding Pro Reviews the 5DIII
  419. Does this new Zeiss 15mm lens advance our ability to use our DSLR's and how?
  420. Review: D800 and 5DIII for Video, a Shootout is out!
  421. In Memoriam: Eadweard Muybridge
  422. News: Robert Doisneau Google doodle marks centenary of his birth
  423. In Perspective, Planet: Ehancing the brain!
  424. News: Plural Eyes 2.0 out for Final cut Pro X: yes, you need it! Plural Eyes 3 Beta soon!
  425. Danny Lyon Interview
  426. News: Dense faster memory breakthrough; the Memristor!
  427. mishka henner
  428. In Perspective, Planet: A Mass Murder Probed from the skies: Democratization of Spy Satellites?
  429. News: Photographers' Right To Photograph and Film Police Activity
  430. News: Deutsche Börse photography prize 2012
  431. Photographic Gems of Our Times From The Web A Remarkable Piece of Modern Photography!
  432. Three volumes on Nicolas Claris’s works on architecture just published...
  433. Flat Lens Offers a Perfect Image
  434. In Perspective, Planet: Earthquake broke my pot!
  435. News: Capture One Pro version 7 released by Phase One
  436. News: New Firmware Update For Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  437. In Memoriam: Bryce Bayer has died at an age of 83
  438. In Perspective, Planet: Backup and Cloud Computing for Mission Critical Tasks: Example - AWS!
  439. In Perspective, Planet: Photographic Art from Magnetic Fields of our Moon!
  440. In Perspective, Planet: A Photograph of the Earth At Night in Black Marble
  441. Instagram might sell stored photos at will to advertisers!
  442. "Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions Coming to Los Angeles SANTA MONICA CIVIC AUDITORIUM | JANUARY 17 - 21, PHOTO LA 2013
  443. Snow day (one only) in the Middle East
  444. Workshop Opportunity: Arizona November 1-4 2013
  445. Review: Exhibition Planned for OPF Photographers, if we're lucky, Nov. 13th to Dec. 13th 2013
  446. Photographer of Interest - Selected by Editor: Charles Darwin Portrait by Julia Margaret Cameron, today, Dawin's Day!
  447. Photographer of Interest - Selected by Editor: Editor's Choice: The Rich "Film Noir" Photography Of Bill Armstrong
  448. Topaz Labs released B&W Effects 2 plugin
  449. Book Reviews and Favorites! Cool magazine download
  450. Photographer of Interest - Selected by Editor: Editor's Choice: Pentti Samalldahti, Brilliantly Poetic Photography
  451. I do like this kind of work !
  452. Not known enough - Agnès Pataux
  453. Photographer of Interest - Selected by Editor: Gillian Wearing: Photographer of People's Self-Expression in Staged Situations!
  454. Photographer of Interest - Selected by Editor: Catherine Opie, Professor of Photography, UCLA; Chimera of Social Landscape
  455. Just have a look at these young people
  456. My World: Workshop
  457. Prestigious and worthy London Photography competition.
  458. "Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions Los Angeles Hosts Paris Photo Show April 26-28 2013
  459. News: UK.Gov passes Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act
  460. News: A New Canon 200-400 with built in matched x 1.4 X estender!
  461. News: So, this is worth the price? Of course!
  462. Adobe Cloud? Every one not so happy…
  463. Topaz Labs releases a new Clarity plugin
  464. Being featured by Pentax… a "coming out"
  465. Lightroom 5
  466. My World: Cover Story
  467. Photojournalist gang-raped in Mumbai!
  468. My World: What Happened to Our Headshots
  469. News: Flickr will be down for planned maintenance 13-sept-2013
  470. Me
  471. News: Topaz Labs Adjust, promotional discount for Sept 2013
  472. Good news and bad news!
  473. News: Sinar Added to Leica's Portfolio!
  474. I just read
  475. Amazing Times we live in: The plotting of 1 billion Stars by Gaia Surveyor
  476. Malware Warning to Google Chrome Users
  477. Writing with light to discover the secrets of Herculaneum!
  478. 2014!
  479. "Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions Photo LA 2014 Coming in just one week!
  480. Massive 2014 LA Art Show Opens in One Week!
  481. Kodak back on the market!
  482. Will this X camera be a winner?
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