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Welcome to OPF!

We established OPF May 2006 as an open forum for professional and enthusiast photographers worldwide. You will find the latest discussions on technology, creativity, function and other issues related to photography. Furthermore, these threads are moderated and reviewed by expert photographers.

We are a true community of photographers with real names and common interests and experience. OPF is a community of thinkers and doers, dedicated to the working Professional and the creative mind.

OPF members hail from the Americas and Europe but also in China, Iran, India New Zealand, Australia, UAE and many other places I have not visited and to me are exotic with images I learned form books and films.

At OPF, we consider the whole thin membrane of life on the planet and the lives of individual lovers and the humming bird our frame of reference. This is true whether we photograph skyscrapers or school sports, weddings or yachts at sea and we do all this and more!

We want to reach out, not because we are politically correct; I am not! Rather we would like to be updated, educated and brought into line with issues that you think about.

Still we also nurture the dedicated photographer learning the digital workflow or making a Polaroid or Platinum print. Above all we are concerned with what is in the image, not just the things, but also the ideas, feelings and even life itself.

Please make this your home and post in the forums of your choosing. On behalf the entire OPF photography team, I wish you a great forum experience. Thank you for your participation, interest and for being here. Jump in and show us what you love! What you have trouble with too!

We’re open to everyone serious about the best, the practical and the finest in photography. Our goal is to enhance the discussion and exchange of ideas on photography.

Here there’s more; we have left the noise ands clatter of the 100’s of new cameras of the day. Here we're dedicated to that personal vision built into your extraordinary picture. This we call an “Arc of Intent”. Its appreciation by a viewer completes that creative arc. That's what we are about and every technique and choice that achieves our goal! Then your picture enthralls and captivates, moves and demands it be revisited time and again.

Asher Kelman


July 23, 2009

Summer 2009 Workshop Openings
Landscape to Nudes: Details Here

July 22, 2009

Fine Art Photography
Sham v. Value, The Bill Jay shard v. Scythian Gold: read Here

July 14, 2009

Canon 24 mm TS-E II
Test Images and v. other 24 mm lenses Reviewed Here

Pixel Wars Over?
Discuss Here

July 13, 2009

Segmentation in Composition

Guide your photograph by an inderlying structure!

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July 11, 2009

Benjamin Kanarek shares cutting edge lighting for pennies

Multipart series! Enjoy being creative and smart.

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July 11, 2009

Amazing discovary of World War I Glass Plate Images

A bunch of glass plates were found in in a barn in a village in France.

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July 11, 2009

Capture One workflow for 1DsIII

Nicolas Claris of M&N Organization Bordeaux France shares optimized workflow.

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July 9, 2009
Destroyed' Cartier-Bresson snaps resurface!

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December 09, 2008
High in the Arctic Eskimo! Exclusive blog of David J. Eaves
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December 09, 2008
LensAlign™ by RawWorkFlow.com
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March 29, 2008
Ricoh's GR Digital II - a compact that may well stand alone!
A review by John Nevill is online now.
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February 22, 2008
Nicolas Claris, Bordeaux, France, is to be a featured photographer for Sinar for 2008 with emphasis on his work with the new MF digital platform (The Sinar Hy6). His work will be a major part of Sinar's marketing campaign for this year and Photokina. This is a special piece of news that I wish to start way back to give Nicolas Claris my personal thanks and recognition for his work in OPF also for his recent awards.
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