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Terms Of Service (TOS)

Forum Rules these are the "Terms Of Service" abbreviated in this forum as "TOS".



To be eligible you must fulfill the following criteria

1. You are a professional photographer or a serious photography enthusiast or student of Photography or involved with the delivery of images or some like technology.

2. You are older than age 16 years.


You agree to 3 broad rules, See Details (you read them in the next step), which OPF may modify from time to time:

TO BE NICE: "Be nice to the others in the tour bus."

TO TOLERATE FREE SPEECH: Accept that others may have different views and some posts or articles might even be offensive to you. Just ignore, politely express you view or leave the forum.

TO DO NOTHING ILLEGAL: Refrain from anything dishonest, threatening or making inappropriate posts or posts that is, depict, promote or facilitate child pornography.


Please read details below



Read this carefully. When you choose “accept”, below, you reconfirm your acceptance of all details of the TOS. This covers the rules, expectations, and conditions of use, restrictions, warnings and limitation of liability as detailed in the TOS and reaffirms the following cautions and warnings on explicit content.

1. OPF is intended as a home for Professional and enthusiast Photographers. It will be both comprehensive of and reflects imaging from all professions, industries, leisure, wildlife, and the fine arts. Photographers will decide what to discuss and what images to show, within broad limits.

2. This will expose you to new ideas, some very different than your own, including some views and images you may well find offensive. However, OPF is intended as an open forum for Photography Professionals. If you choose to participate, that is your sole responsibility.

3. There may be satire, pictures of the human form and other similar matters that you accept in advance when you join. It is our intention and plan that professional posts will not be deleted. We may, however, edit posts for brevity or clarity. We may remove matters we deem offensive. However, this may not be timely and in any case, is not likely to protect you from all material that you would not like.

Forum Rules these are the "Terms Of Service" abbreviated in this forum as "TOS".

These are the expectations, rules, warnings, restrictions, and conditions of use as well as limitation of liability.
You must read the entire TOS below before proceeding.

The Rules and Terms of Service in Detail

1. You will not demean, troll or in any other way disrupt the collegial functioning of this forum.
2. You will not advertise, promote, campaign on any product service or other matter not approved beforehand in writing, by and at the sole discretion of the Owner and Publisher of OPF and will immediately cease such behavior if any such given written permission is withdrawn either for any reason or for no reason.
3. You will not engage in activity illegal in the State of California or in the United States or that is illegal in the jurisdiction of the European Union.
4. You will not post or link to any site of child pornography.
5. You agree to any and all modifications of these rules and will leave OPF and relinquish your membership should you no longer intend to comply with all these rules and conditions mentioned here or in FAQ or in any other part of the forum by the OPF team.

6.You recognize that, by it's very nature, photography explicitly records real or staged human and wildlife conditions, the human form unclothed in some human or any human behavior, social commentary, political and other subjects that might be of an offensive nature according to different cultural values.
7. You assert and adjure that you would accept the right to be published of any expression in images or words contained in OPF even though you might find them offensive.

8. You acknowledge that you have been advised and required to not view or participate in this site if you do not agree or should you, in the future not agree with the aforementioned items 1 and 2 above.

10. You attest and adjure that you have been fully and adequately warned that you could be greatly offended by such content.

11. You accept without reservations that while OPF might sometimes delete material considered, "Vulgar”, (matters arbitrarily considered egregious beyond artistic value, such as child pornography), you cannot and will not rely on any such protection against that or any other offensive material being posted or published in OPF.

12. If in spite of this warning, you do proceed, join OPF and then view any of its content, then you, in doing so, agree that you take full responsibility for and hold OPF, (it's owner(s), publisher(s), moderators, editors and any and all other members of OPF and persons or entities, directly or indirectly related to OPF, including, but not limited to the Jelsoft, the owners of vBulletin) harmless of any hurt, damage, obvious or hidden, displeasure, upset, embarrassment or other untoward effects on you, your person or on any tangible or intangible object as a result of your exposure to content in OPF.

13. You agree that any claims resulting from use of this forum shall be adjudicated only under the laws applicable of the State of California, USA.

14. Further you affirm that any part of this agreement deemed illegal in the State of California shall be separated from all other parts which in themselves are not a violation of California of Federal Laws, statues or regulations of the USA, and the latter portions and particulars shall remain in full force and not diminished.

15. Notwithstanding all the aforesaid, OPF, has it its sole discretion, the right to submit any dispute on any matter concerning OPF to arbitration in the State of California and the results of such arbitration shall be binding on both parties and both sides shall share the expense of OPF defending itself in such action.

16. Whether or not any damages be awarded to you against OPF (or anyone working for or volunteering on behalf on OPF) these damages shall be limited to the actual depreciated value of a material loss and you and your estate and successors shall both jointly and separately forgive, disregard and give no weight to any and all direct or indirect emotional, psychological or other non-tangible damage, including but not limited to defamation and loss of reputation, disrupted social life, loss of conjugal rights, or loss of future earnings, whether evident at that time or in the future. Further, the total of such damages payable by OPF to under this agreement, shall be $100 or the summation of moneys if any if any paid to join OPF, value of files lost or other direct tangible losses, which ever is the lesser sum

17. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Open Photography Forums, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

18. The owners of Open Photography Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason or without reason.

19: Membership Requires registering with full names and information so we can assure that the nature of the community is honest, open and professional. Please don't use an alias or "handle" as this diverts effort to correcting that.  In any professional activity, one knows for certain the identity of one's colleagues

I have read and understood and agree to and will comply with and accept all the above details, conditions, expectations, warnings and limitation of liability and wish to become a member of Open Photography Forums, OPF.