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Default Phase One 80 MP back and Capture One 6

I just have to share this with you as there are two further opportunities for any of you in the area of California to try out the new Phase One flagship camera.

I had the pleasure today of a most useful free workshop at Calumet Camera store in Los Angeles. I actually was able to leisurely shoot with the new 80MP Phase One MF camera using the 55mm and 110 mm lenses in both AF mode and MF. The model was very sporting and put up with my instructions and I had a great deal of fun and learned a lot about this landmark camera. I'll be writing much more. for now, this is just an encouragement for anyone who can steal the time, to treat themselves!

The camera is intuitive to hold and set if you have used a Canon digital camera and the viewer is so bright that I didn't look at the large LCD screen at all even when doing MF!

There's two more demonstrations in California.

March 16
Hosted by Samy's
Siren Tower
Rooftop Studio,
6063 West Sunset Boulevard,
Los Angeles
CA 90028
Register here

March 17
Calumet San Francisco
2001 Bryant Street
San Francisco
CA 94110
Register here

I highly recommend you take advantage of these live demonstrations with a studio lighting set up and models. I shot with the new camera and with my 5DII and I'll be reporting on the results.

Also, the tutorial that follows on the Capture One software, is itself an eye opener, with shortcuts I never realized existed and a better way of approaching sessions. There is also a good review of the new features of Capture One version 6, such as local adjustments which are remarkable.

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